View Full Version : Help with St Petersburg

MO Basser
2nd Jan 2004, 01:41
I just got this game, never played anything like this, mostly flight sims. I am having a hard time getting to my target in St. Petersburg. Do I need to go through the sewers? I'm carrying the rifle with me, holstered, but am getting my a** shot off every time. If someone could give me a little direction here I would really appreciate it. Thank You!

11th Jan 2004, 16:30
Well did you listen to what Diana said. The soldiers don't want anyone up there that's why they're guards.

You can try taking out the civilians so that they don't warn the soldiers. Then take out the two soldiers at the top and put one of their clothes on. Walk don't RUN by the soldiers and make sure they never see you because they will approach you and discover your ID.(On professional anyways)

Just use common sense and pay attention to what Diana says. You can do whatever you want to complete a mission. Look at the map for points of interest also. Goodluck let me know if you need any help.