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1st Jan 2004, 18:51
I'm sure you remember that many months ago I spoke of my expectations for aod, and they were quite low, "now I have actually played AOD for PS and I can see that I was right .
To understand my feelings towards this game I wrote a review.

. . . .

I didn't think much of AOD when I first heard about it last year, when the game finally met its long delayed release date, I found out that it wasn't doing so well. When the game's price finally dropped at the local video store, I decided to try it for myself as it only cost $3.00 to rent, just as I thought . . . it was almost as stupid a "Oni" it was the wost Tomb Raider game I had ever played, I don't even know how it can carry the name "Tomb Raider", the story is dozy, and the levels are boring, durring the stupid sewer levels, I just kept saying to myself "whens this crap going to end!!" and whats up with the whole "money" thing, your always getting tons of money, but there is no use for it, and theres no point to talking to the people at the begging of the game! So now do you understand???!!

"To Aod the worst Tomb Raider ever"

no offense:rolleyes:

1st Jan 2004, 21:29
I'm sorry you disliked it so. I really enjoyed it :D.
The money could have been used to buy a very nice gun (Scorpion-X, I think) from Lud****, in Prague.
And I don't think people can take offense, we're all entitled to our opinions. :cool:

3rd Jan 2004, 03:40
I played AOD thru twice last June and really liked it , just thinking maybe it's time to get it out and play it again.

Why didn't you just quit and take it back if it was such an ordeal? And how can you write an honest review when you had already prejudged it?