View Full Version : Thief Gold won't install.

30th Dec 2003, 20:39
I switched from Windows Me to Windows XP because I got major problems with Windows Me from uninstalling a game apparently. So I had to install everything I want back on to my system which includes Thief Gold because I would still like to play it but when I try to install it again I get an error message. The error message says: This product cannot be installed on Windows NT due to a Direct X (tm) limitation. Which makes no sence to me because the operating system I'm using is Windows XP and after I got the error message the first time I went on the internet and installed Direct X 9 but I'm still getting this error message everytime I try to install Thief Gold. I have no idea why it says this so someone please help me.

4th Jan 2004, 05:45
When you ran the setup program, did you let the autorun start the setup.exe file or did you run it? You will have to run it ... PLUS you will have to add the -lgntforce parameter, as in:

[d:]\setup.exe -lgntforce

where [d:] is the drive for whatever CD-type drive you use.

There are static (locked) threads in the forums to help in installing the game. Windows XP is still an NT-based version of Windows, and on all NT-based Windows you must use the -lgntforce parameter. However, I think it is required only for Thief Gold. I believe you can install Thief 2 without the parameter.

When you run dxdiag.exe, what version of DirectX does it report?

Did you do a fresh install of Windows XP (i.e., on a [re]formatted partition or on an unpartitioned drive)? Or did you try to carry all the garbage from Windows ME by upgrading to Windows XP? A fresh install is best for stability.