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29th Dec 2003, 15:34
So...according to a previous post..there is no known solution for the observatory crash...>.<. Anyway if anyone 'does' by any chance know the solution to it, would you please enlighten me. ALSO, if anyone would be so kind as to get me to the next save point so i can continue it would be more than greatly appreciated, Thanks.

ps. here is the save game url.


Should be right at the place under the observatory.

my email : jezzmastur@yahoo.com

And i thank you (sorry for getting so ahead of myself...)

30th Dec 2003, 02:09
...where exactly is it crashing....did you see all the FMV? and did it just stop, with them all standing around just blinking there eyes? and you could move around but couldn't do anything?

Did you see the part that showed what happens if the energy is removed from the Planet?

30th Dec 2003, 13:21
Well you talk to the old man, he says a few things and eventually "lets begin", then when aeris says "hey look a shooting star" , then it seems to try to play the movie but the screen just goes black for about 1 second then it does go back to the screen with everyone doing nothing except aeris, she blinks n blinks. I know this has all been mentioned before and i have seen a few with the problem and all i have heard to do about it is "get someone to get you to the next save point".

Also two important notes:

1) I got it off kazaa.

2) No video file has played at all since i had the game, and although i know they are supposed to, i guess i tried to enjoy the game without them.

Well thanks for responding, and if you do find a solution i would like to hear it whether i still have the problem or not so i could help a few other people who have the same problem. (on other forums ect)

30th Dec 2003, 16:36
Sorry, I can't help you then....you shouldn't have said the K word. But you may be surpised what you can find in the Eidos Support section.

If you have a playstation...I suggest getting that. FF7 is only 14 dollars. And you really do miss the whole story, when you can't see the cutscenes. It has no emotion, without them.

31st Dec 2003, 16:40
Yes, but then you have someone like me, who has the game legally. Specifically, when Aerith comments on the shooting star, windows gives its lovely little message that the program has died and asks whether or not to send to MS about it.
I had the unofficial FFVIIXP patch installed when I first hit this problem, reinstalled without patch and it still happens.

5th Jan 2004, 07:37
Go to

on play disk 1

And doubleclick on boogdemo.avi

See if mediaplayer will play it....if mediaplayer isn't your default player I suggest that you make it the default.

If it gives you an error there...most likely it's a bad disk. Anyway that's the first step in finding a solution....

Tell me what happens.

7th Jan 2004, 22:02
I can play all the movies just fine in windows, but just to experiment I redirected the movies folder to my HDD and copied boogup which DOES play correctly over boogdemo and the game still died.

8th Jan 2004, 16:00
I never done the movie substiutution thing, but I have heard that the substitution movie needs to be longer than the one it's taking over....

Have you tried Basic Sound Acceleration? I have had two crashes to desktop because of that so far....one during biglight.avi, and the other during The Dolphin Whisle thing. The crash was a sound timing problem.

I also wonder if it's still that WinXP patch thing.....Ever noticed how huge it is? The TNT patch and The Chocobo patch are no where near that size...... It has been discused at Qhimm's as to why it's so big. And most people have decided it's because it modifies the sounds/Music in Windows. A sort of Soundfont patch thing going on. Could be that that WinXP patch did something to the sound in Windows, and a reinstall of FF7 isn't removing that part of the patch, for obvious reasons. I could be wrong, though...I just never trusted that patch. It's way too big, for what it does.