View Full Version : TS2 Saves in Story Mode

29th Dec 2003, 12:11
Hi all, this may seem like a dumb question but i recently got TS2 as a gift and started playing in Story mode. On the first level (siberia) it seems like there is only a single checkpoint and absolutely no saves within the entire level.

Im relatively new to PS games but can it be right that i have to complete a full level before i can save my game? i dont always get so much time to play and is very frustrating that each time i finish a session of TS2, if i havent completed the level i have to replay the entire level again - it kind of takes the fun out of the game when i have to repeat the same sequences over and over again just to get back to where i left off last time i played...i have checked for cheats etc without luck, but was hoping some of you with more experience out there had a solution?????? :(

The Skeletor
29th Dec 2003, 15:44
Yep, Thats pretty much is how it works, You do need to complete the STORY to save, ( I to wish you could save at the check points)

29th Dec 2003, 16:47
Unfortunatly for you, it's true. You must complete the entire mission before you can save. The checkpoints are a blessing though, because if you die while trying to beat the mission, you start from the checkpoint rather then from the begining. That much I do like.:cool: