View Full Version : Beginner needs help!

29th Dec 2003, 05:51
I can't get to the end of the Atom Smasher without being blown to smithereens!!:( I get to the part where you throw the three switches, kill Khallos and then:confused: What do you have to do to diffuse the last bomb and complete the round?
Any help would be greatly appreciated:rolleyes:

The Skeletor
29th Dec 2003, 15:48
Did you get the time cristal that he drops once you kill him? Or quickly check you missions to see if they are all completed?

29th Dec 2003, 16:43
Go check out this thread http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15742

I'm pretty shure you'll find what your looking for here. If you have any other questions, try posting it on the help thread, rather then creating a new thread.:cool:

30th Dec 2003, 00:09
Yes, we have picked up the time crystal after Khallos dies, but we can't find the last bomb. Does anyone know where it is?:confused: