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28th Dec 2003, 01:40
I have played Thief II on my computer many times. However, it will not play at this time. It will install fine but a Microsoft Windows error screen pops up everytime I try and play the game. You know, the kind that is a borderless window that asks whether you want a report sent to Microsoft and that the "program will have to close down...").

I have successfully cloned disk 2, tried a full install, removed any hotfixes that I have installed from Windows Update. I have run a registry clean and even removed Thief I and tried it again to no avail. I have XP pro (the -lngt file fix is only for Thief I, however, I tried installing with that file fix as well). Of course I have manually removed any files related to Thief and Eidos before each install attempt. Installs ALWAYS complete adequately but the game will not play. It is noteworthy to repeat that I've played Thief II on this system for quite a while before this happened. HELP!!!! I am so anxious for Thief III to come out and am stuck with Thief I (even though #I is great) and really would like to play #II again while I wait for #III. HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!

Munin the Raven
2nd Jan 2004, 18:34
I also have Windows XP Pro, and neither game works for me, even with the -lngt command. However, they work fine if I adjust the properties of the .exe files to run in Windows 95 or 98 mode (use the "compatibility" tab in the properties window).

I don't have any other suggestions though, sorry.