View Full Version : Wanted Weapons for TimeSplitters 3

27th Dec 2003, 20:01
I would like to see:
Stayer AUG (soory if that is spelled wrong)
Better Handguns
Fragmation Grenades
Stun Grenades
Uzi and Uzi x2

27th Dec 2003, 23:48
Better flamethrower
Timed mine that you can set the time on
Sub-machine gun

28th Dec 2003, 03:41
I'm with Thezombiemessiah on the flame thrower and timed mines. I like the satchel charge from 007 nightfire. You can set the timer anywere from 5 to 30 seconds. (in multiples of 5 though eg. 5,10,15 ect.) And I have yet to use the perfect sniper rifle in a video game. Dont get me wrong, TS2's sniper rifles are very good, (much better then Perfect Dark's one :rolleyes: ) but I always want more. So call me picky.:D

28th Dec 2003, 04:44
i do NOT want the sniper rifle like avp2. it was more like a zoomed up (bright green lines everywhere) golden gun (killed anything in 1shot) and you never wobbled either, reallll cheap. however i liked the goldeneye sniper rifle after u run around a bit u wobble more ;)

28th Dec 2003, 21:15
A Steyr AUG is a sniper rifle!:D It can also be used as a machine gun and is very powerful either way!