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27th Dec 2003, 15:23
Okay, I've normally have never experienced problems whatsoever with FFVII on the PC, and I've beaten it once already, and on a second time through, I got at least to disc 2 (Before I had to replace hd and now I've got no files at all) Now, the problem is on my new run through the game, I just finished fighting Jenova at The City of the Ancients, and Cloud lays Aeris' body to rest in the waters. After that theres the little scene where he says he'll get revenge on Sephiroth, and it goes to say "Save up till this point?" I click Yes, and then it gives me the prompt screen to put in Disc 2. Here's the problem. I put the appropriate disc in..and nothing happens. I go through the scene twice more..and nothing happens. I know that Disc 2 does work, because it loads Final Fantasy VII perfectly when I put it in the drive. Any help? Thanks to everybody in advance.

28th Dec 2003, 17:01
Nevermind, everybody :) I got to Disc II through trial and error. :D Thanks again

24th May 2006, 23:47
I played through Disc 1 with no problems except for the chocobo thing, which was fixed after I used the patch. But when I got to the end of Disc 1, it asks me if I want to save my game, then tells me to insert Disc 2. When I do that, the Save screen comes up, but the game won't respond to my pressing the OK button...actually, it doesn't respond to my pressing any of the command buttons. Does anyone how to fix this?

25th May 2006, 04:15
1. Open disk tray
2. Remove FFVII disk
3. Insert cherry bomb
4. Light fuse
5. Close disk tray
6. Run like hell

25th May 2006, 16:39
From what I can remember about the save after finishing a disk.... It's screwed up. They programmed it ass-backwards. Logically it should save the game and then tell you to change disks, but not this game. This game will make you change the disk and then once that's done it'll go into the save menu.

If the game is going to hang it's going to hang before removing the first disk....not after it. The placing of the new disk is what will most likely cause the hang. Yet... the save is after the change,and not before it.

Anyway.... That's how this port is setup. Don't know if that helps or not.... but that's how they programmed the saves for the disk changes. I don't really remember when it asks you if you want to save.... But if it does ask you before the changing of the disks. And being that it doesn't actually save until after the changing of the disks.... Then just say no when it asks you if you want to save.

Because....it's not going to matter anyway. If it's going to hang.... you're not going to get the chance to save. And if it doesn't hang... you will most likely never load that save.