View Full Version : AoD is NOT a bad game! it is GOOD!

27th Dec 2003, 08:09
I got this game for Xmas, and have played it for like 7 hours already. Let me tell you, this game is not the huge disappointment everyone makes it out to be.

First of all, I have played every single Tombraider game ever made except for 'the lost artifact', so I know how the previous games have played. Yes, the controls in this game are a tad sluggish and a bit different, but you just have to get use to them. I use the same gamepad I used for all the tr games in the past, and have mapped the same functions to the same keys, and now I don't have any problems. The game looks really really beautiful, except at times it can run a little slow on my 9700np.

But anyway, so far the story line is ok, the gameplay has been good, I haven't been bored playing it at ALL, and I still have a lot of the game left, so I am completely happy with it! Getting use to the new controls has taken some time, but now I am comfortable with them, and I think this game rocks! Can't wait for Tombraider 7 in 2006, hopefully Crystal Dynamics can do the franchise justice.

I can see how some people may complain about the controls if they are using a keyboard and a mouse, but with a gamepad, it's not that bad.

27th Dec 2003, 08:57
i concur, only that controls are chunky when trying to to control kurtis on the pc, damn boaz *sigh*