View Full Version : Strom Drains in Launor Please Help

26th Dec 2003, 23:09
I have turned on all Six valves,I know their is a Valve i'm suppose to turn off by the Control Panel I think...The control panel i'm thinking of is on the bottom part,where when you turn on a Valve a small movie plays....I cant seem too find which valve i'm suppose too Turn off....

Also I know of a "Bent CatWalk" and suppose to Take a Running Jump to grab the oppisite ledge to open the door to return back at the Top of the Room where the Control Panel is...

Can Someone Help me on this,I'v been running around the Strom drains for hours on end trying too figure this out...


26th Dec 2003, 23:30
You have to work your way up yo the very top of the last compartment - the one you have to swim to get into.

27th Dec 2003, 07:42
I have gone threw the pipe full of water came out other side,gone threw the door and all & come out on the very top...I know i'm suppose to go threw the Pipe up top ,that has water coming out to go into it and open the Door for the Next Stage....Can some one Help me out with this TY...

27th Dec 2003, 11:49
Here's a walkthrough: http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/tomb6.html