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bobby milk
26th Dec 2003, 19:41
hi i am thinking of getting ts2
can any one tell me if the multiplayer part has bots
many thanks:)

26th Dec 2003, 20:13
First off, welcome to the forum. If you have any other questions about TS2, just ask. Secondly, yes. There are bots in Timesplitters 2. In fact, the bots are very smart compared to other games. (like perfect dark) If your still undecided about purchasing TS2, dont waist your time thinking about it, just go get it. It's one of the best First Person shooters EVER. Period. :cool:

bobby milk
26th Dec 2003, 20:18
thanks for your help will be buying i hope soon
and have just bid on ebay so who knows
which platform are you using?

26th Dec 2003, 20:20
I'm using a Playstation 2. And I hope you get that copy of TS2:D

bobby milk
26th Dec 2003, 20:23
thanks for your help
merry xmas and a happy new year to you

26th Dec 2003, 20:24
Same to you, and to all who read this!:D