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26th Dec 2003, 11:19
With this latest game they finally have managed to get the appearence of lara croft just right.With preference to her face and hair unlike the previous games but there is still room for improvment obviously.I dont like the glasses though as i think they spoil the appearence of her face.
Looking at all the gallery pics of Lara croft that appear on various fan sites again the only material i really like are the ones associated with AOD.I have been collecting the stuff i like and one of my favourite pics is the one with her eyes looking up at you with a sinister sexy look with blood on her hands.
Most of the earlier stuff in the various gallery pics on sites i think are laughable.
I would love to see more artwork promotional or whatever released with the next tr game up to the AOD standards or better.
Shame there is no way to bring her to life in the real world as the models who immitate the character are very pale in comparison.An android model of her would be one way in the future.
My other favourite female characters are Vampirella and the Huntress.

John Carter
26th Dec 2003, 17:06
An android model of her would be one way in the future.

Hm, funny you should mention that. Look about the fiction sections of a few of the fansites and you might find something on a similar theme.

26th Dec 2003, 18:30
No i only mentioned that because of the developments in the android field with asimo,aibo,actroid etc..

26th Dec 2003, 18:55
This android stuff seems like something out of a sci-fi novel.:confused:

26th Dec 2003, 19:04
Plastic... Ooh, sexy.