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25th Dec 2003, 03:26
Got a question about anything in TimeSplitters 2? Here is the place to post it. Ask your question, and the friendly helpful people of the forum will give you the advice you need.

27th Dec 2003, 02:29
Are there any rewards for getting all platinums on arcade and challenge?

27th Dec 2003, 19:44
I'm afriad not steeldragon. The platnums are more for self gratification then anything. (and it's fun to brag about how many you have to!);)

31st Dec 2003, 19:28
I'll use the help thread!!!

How do I locate the last bomb in atom smasher?

I've had a frustrating 3 mins to run around and not find it and the insane checkpoint scheme means I'm right back to near the start each time I don't find it - infuriating!


31st Dec 2003, 19:37
OK, this is the third time youve asked, on three different threads. Please try to keep it to one next time;) If you havnt already check this old thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15742) first.:cool:

31st Dec 2003, 21:47
yea, I kind of screwed the 2nd one up with a new post instead of a reply - then thought the help forum was so quiet that maybe no one looked on there.

Thanks fore the link M8, I've got the walk through, so should see me past the bit I'm stuck on.

Next game, Dredd Vs Death....

1st Jan 2004, 11:37
Originally posted by hebman

Next game, Dredd Vs Death....

What do you mean by that?

1st Jan 2004, 20:22
Now that I've got over that hurdle of finding the 3rd bomb in Atom Smasher, (thanks very much for that by the way, the link was spot on) I'm a step closer to completing Timesplitters 2 and moving on to my next new ( Xmas pressie..) game, Dredd vs Death...

2nd Jan 2004, 21:24
Ooooh, I see. Well, gald I could help you. (that's what were her for ) Best of luck with Dredd vs Death.

1st Apr 2004, 22:14
If you have any TimeSplitters 2 related questions, then post them here. If all the questions are collected into one thread, then it save a lot of space in the forums.http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

2nd Apr 2004, 08:59
Ok, I've got one. I've heard about a bug in 'Bags of Fun' that made it harder to get a Gold on it each time you lose. That's where I stopped playing it several months ago. I was concerned that if I continued to lose at it, it would make every next attempt harder.

I just got back into the game recently and looked around for an update on the bug and any way around it, but it seems info has mostly vanished on it. To top it off, I managed to score a Gold on that event today without too much trouble. Was this all a misunderstanding of the rules of that event?

My question is: What was the bug supposed to be, was it really a bug, and if so, was it ever present in the 'Cube version?

Thanks in advance.

2nd Apr 2004, 13:21
Wow, just when you've thought you've heard it all. Very interesting, I've no knowledge of any bug of that sort. I'm not sure how or even why the game would do such a thing like that though. It just doesn't seem fair to anyone who would have to try it again to have to go through it being harder then before. And, if that were true, I don't know why it would only be on that one challenge. I remember doing that one, and it did kind of seem like it was harder the next time through, but that just might be my imagination running overtime. I wonder, does anyone else know of this bug?:confused:

2nd Apr 2004, 14:41
I heard rumours about such a thing when I first joined these boards back in 2002.. There were people who claimed that the GC version was harder than for PS2 and Xbox for some reason. And also that the requirements differed between platforms. Whether this was just due to the varying controllers or if it was actual fact I do not know.
Personally, I've only tried the PS2 version and have an absolutely lousy aim!! :D But I have a blast anyways.. Pun intended ;)

3rd Apr 2004, 04:16
From what I can recall from what I'd read, the "bug" had something to do with incrementing the bag count. As that event is explained, you have to score a certain number of bags above whatever the AI team scores.

The bug was rumoured to be a problem where the game saved the number of bags scored against you and then applied that score "invisibly" the next time you played, making it increasingly hard to gain trophies if you didn't get a Gold or Plat straight away.

For example, if you lost to a score of 4-5 against, then you'd have to score 5 more bags than you normally would have to score to unlock a trophy. You could supposedly "win" the next game 8-0 and not get a Gold - or so the rumour went.

Now, we all know the game does save after every match to track our stats, so it's not inconceivable that this could happen.

After I read about it (on the old TS2 Network forums as well as some other TS forum, IIRC), I kept smacking the reset button on my Cube when I knew I was in for a loss. I know I messed up and took a recorded loss at least once, though. Considering I took a Gold with a score of 8 or 9 to 1 yesterday, it seems the bug was really a myth or someone misunderstanding the "score better than" rule. Either that, or the bug never existed on the Cube version.

I was just curious, as it was this supposed bug that had me stressed enough to stop playing TS2 with only the Team Series C untouched. Thankfully, I'm back into it now and I'm working at cleaning up my one Bronze (Nice Threads) and a few nagging Silvers, plus Story mode on Hard.

3rd Apr 2004, 04:22
Glad to hearhttp://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif Good luck in your future splitting.:) I'm glad this is cleared up.

4th Apr 2004, 03:52

Is it even possible to perform the individual character abilities? You know the tricks that the AI always seem to use and look cool about with their cartwheels, foward lunges, Gretel's invisible cloaking skill, etc? I just think that it would have rocked to be able to pull off those moves besides seeing the AI in Arcade do it all the time...

I'll think of some more questions later.

4th Apr 2004, 10:15
Originally posted by Rainier
Gretel's invisible cloaking skill
What?!? I've never seen this. I've seen the acrobatic dodges and slides, but not this. Are you sure she didn't just snag the Invisible Powerup? I'll keep a sharper eye on Gretel Mk II from now on!

I'm pretty sure actual human players can't do any of the acrobatics. It's a shame, because my X button just sits there, all unmapped and feeling useless. If we can pull off those moves, I'd dearly love to know how.

4th Apr 2004, 12:59
Originally posted by MovingTarget
What?!? I've never seen this. I've seen the acrobatic dodges and slides, but not this. Are you sure she didn't just snag the Invisible Powerup? I'll keep a sharper eye on Gretel Mk II from now on!

I'm pretty sure actual human players can't do any of the acrobatics. It's a shame, because my X button just sits there, all unmapped and feeling useless. If we can pull off those moves, I'd dearly love to know how.

Yeah I know is sounds strange for Gretel to have the ability to turn invisable but my bro has an army of 3 fighting him on team deathmatch all the time, and every so often, they just come running and you can't see them till they start shooting. And my bro never uses the Powerup items. He has them switched off on the main menu.

I wish I could pull off those acrobatics. It would make Deathmatch mode the more enjoyable trying to get headshots off one another.

4th Apr 2004, 18:47
I've never heard of that sort of thing before, player cloaking at will, I'll look into that. As for pulling of the deaks and cartwheels and such, there is no wall for you to do those things. It gives the bots a little advantage. (And they do need it, that's for sure);)

8th Apr 2004, 16:31
OK, about that Invisibility Ability: some times I have a bug on my PS2-version. A bot is invisible, than visible again and so on. On team deathmatch, you can still see the mark above his head. But even more frustrating is: that bot is INVINSIBLE! Bullets go straight through him!

Question: how is it possible to go sub 40 secs on stain removal?

Myster Mystery
8th Apr 2004, 16:54
I was just wondering about the character abilities, accuracy etc.
What exactly does each do? I assume that accuracy makes a bot more accurate, but how does it affect human players? Agility is most likely just speed, and for bots their acrobatic skills. Does stamina change things like their unarmed power?

8th Apr 2004, 19:46
Accuracy affects accuracy, agility affects there speed, and stamina affects how much it takes to kill them. The R 109 is a lot harder to kill then robofish, since R 109 has more stamina then robofish, he's a lot tougher.

9th Apr 2004, 02:30
Other player abilities are things like:
Undead: headshots blow their heads off, but they still keep coming (multi-only, obviously).

Robots and the Stone Golem can't be lit on fire with player abilities enabled.

I think being short is considered a player ability, but I don't see how that could be disabled with the player ability switch.

And now this invisible thing, which I can't find any info on outside this thread. Maybe it's that bug W.D. is talking about? I've only played the PS2 version a few times, so odds are I wouldn't have seen it.

Sebastian Photon
9th Apr 2004, 02:45
I own the PS2 version and I've never seen this. The only glitches I know of is in Training Ground when you play shrink as monkey and are losing you can go under the waterfall and leave the level and in Compound when you play shrink if you go up the stairs and look out the window... I dunno my brother did it but I was playing at the same time so... I'll see how I did it. Then in Training Grounds, Streets, and Compound when you walk up the stairs and try to jump off to the side going down or up you land on the platform above the stairs.

13th Apr 2004, 09:37
sub 40 sec. in Stain removal is possible with a trick. Now you shoot with the B-function to fire the firegrenades further. But the gun takes a long time to reload and shoot the next grenade.
This is the trick. You have to quickly put yor weapon away and select it back. I have gamecube and normally change weapon is set on the digital cross. Now select it to the L-button. When you have fired, press L-button fast two times to change weapon and you will be able to fire the next shot much faster. repeate this after every shot. This saves a lot of time.:D


13th Apr 2004, 18:13
Thanks. Strange that I never thought about that. I use the trick already for Killer Queen, Babes in the Woods and Dino Hunter.
So why not? This can take me close to the WR... or, at least, I hope so... :rolleyes:
BTW, I own a PS2.
Thanks again;)

17th Apr 2004, 10:19
I'm searching for a strat for Hack a Hacker.
All my plats (59.0, 58.8 and 57.1) were pure luck.
Maybe good ol' Robin wants to help me (I saw he has an awesome time)?

20th Apr 2004, 07:53
O.K. young man, "old" Robin knows a trick for "Hack a hacker" as well.
This level is one of four that has a glitch. By doing absolutely nothing and letting your teammates do the work for you, you can get a very fast time. Tou have to restart untill you start in the little green room with the plasma rifle and the healthpack in it, not the one with the shotgun in it. Just crouch there and wait. Your teammembers will kill very fast for you. Of course not every time at the same speed, but endtimes willvary from 45 sec. to 1 min. But show a little patience and play this level for an hour or so and you will have a sub 50 sec. time soon. Now and then play it again for a half an hour and your time will still improve. 45 sec. is easy posible. True fact: My son Frank got 44.0 at his VERY FIRST try! One way you can help your teammates: when an enemy respawns in the room stick a grenade on his back. When one comes up the stairs towards you, stick also a grenade on him, but stay away of him, or you'll get blown up as well. Let me know when you've achieved a good score.

Regards, R:)bin

20th Apr 2004, 18:37
Thanks, I knew good old Robin would help me (if you find it irritating that I call you old Robin, tell me). I didn't know wich place it was. Once I started in the shotgun room, camped there, did 3 kills and ending time was 1:01.0. Another time I camped in the cloak room, again 3 kills, and it ended in a 59.0.
I'll try it this weekend (school & parents: irritating combination).

21st Apr 2004, 12:49
You''re welcome. No, I don't mind. Compared with you I am "old".
I always found school more irritating than my parents, but parents can be a pain in the *** sometimes as well. But hey, they mean well and are only interested in your best;)


21st Apr 2004, 17:52
Thanks to say that, Robin. And teachers are much more irritating then school.
And in wich challenges are there glitches? I know 2: Snow Business and Hack a Hacker. I'd like to know the other two.

22nd Apr 2004, 08:17
Club Soda and Nicky, Jinky, Bricky


24th Apr 2004, 14:23
Do you know glitchy strats for those?

25th Apr 2004, 15:23
Does anyone know a strat for Men in Grey with sub 50 potential?
Or a sub 20 strat for Bricking It?

26th Apr 2004, 15:18
Lets see.....

bricking it: tough. You just have to figure out the shortest route and be very fast. Just needs a lot of practice.
Men in grey: Nothing explains it better than Harralls (from NGC) video. Check it out.
Club soda: Restart untill you start in the purple section on the stairs with the shotgun directly to the right of you. Above you is the room with the TNT lying in the centre of it. grab the shotgun and immediately go upstairs and shoot the guy before he can throw the TNT at you. Once you've killed him, just stay in the room and let your teammates do the work for you. Just kill the enemys that come to you (watch the radar) or those who spawn in your room. This is a glitch, but the times you can get vary from around 1.20 min. to 55 sec. You just have to be lucky how fast your mates kill. I have tried this VERY often, but never got further than 1.04.4. But maybe you're more lucky.
Nicky, Jinky bricky: It has a glitch, but it doesn't work always. You need much luck here too. But if you follow this strat, a time around 50 sec. is easy to get. Your teammate Jinky sometimes goes berzerk, killing VERY fast, say 10-12 kills in the first 20 seconds. You can hear that on the cries from the zombies when they get killed. If your VERY lucky, Jinky will keep killing very fast and you're up for a very fast time. But mostly it starts very promising, and then she gets killed. Anyway: do this: Start in or near the kitchen. If the zombies get the first kill, restart. If you or Jinky kill first, go on, but if you or Jinky get killed within your first five kills restart. when all goes well go to where the stairs to the cellar is and camp there where the bricks are. face the dooropening to the kitchen and just wait. Jinky kills for you very fast. When a zombie shows up in the dooropenining, throw a brick and kill him. Sometimes they come to you all behind eachother, so then you have to react very fast. Mind the zombies that respawn in the cellar and come upstairs. Throw a brick on their head from above. Sounds like an easy strat, it is but needs some practising. But with this strat, every once a while I try this for an hour and always get a sub 50 time. And so could you.
good luck.


26th Apr 2004, 18:00
Thanks a lot.
One more thing: I have a Windows 95-system and a slow internetconnection... so watching a video (how will I say this) is not a good idea: a vid of 1 min would play about an hour on my computer...
So, please, could you try to tell me something about MIG?

27th Apr 2004, 15:22
The answer from Harrall in the NGC-forum sais it all. Look there, please. But I also still have to improve a lot for MIG.

R ;)bin.

27th Apr 2004, 17:03
I dont mean to be rude, but you guys have been carrying on a conversation in the helpthread about things you do at another forum. It's just a weee bit off topic, and more suitable for the PM system dont you think?;)

27th Apr 2004, 17:42
That's right, but if other people (who have problems in HAH, MIG, NJB, CS, ...) read this, they learn strats to get very good times on those levels, and besides all that: this is a help thread, right?
So if I ask help on those levels, there's nothing wrong with it. And other ppl can read these strats now, but they wouldn't be able to do that if we used the PM-system. Who knows, maybe we helped somebody who read this all:)

28th Apr 2004, 07:32
Don't nag, sniper. You moderate the TS3 forum, not this one;).
And W.D. is right; he asked for a strat for MIG, so I directed him to another forum where the strat was already written down. Saves me the trouble of writing it here again.
I think we were not even a WEEE bit of topic.


Captain Night
28th Apr 2004, 13:19
i need some help with Story/NeoTokyo... I chased Krayola, finished at that underground, but any other hacker kills me... Said me what i go doing...(It's easy mode)

28th Apr 2004, 14:29
I'm a little confused. Could you please refraise your situation a little more clearly? I can't understand what you mean.:(