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24th Dec 2003, 22:13
Hey, somebody was going to do it sooner or later...

No direct link available to pic: Scroll down to the bottom of my page:

Why not, while I'm here: How do you like my funky new logo? http://www.geocities.com/burnthetrendie/

24th Dec 2003, 22:18
:eek: Oh dear God! Will Matt Groening pick up on that idea?

Your new logo is tight.:)

24th Dec 2003, 22:27
Begger me!!! That's twice I've possibly infringed a copyright by accident!
First I borrowed a tombraiderchronicles.com picture, modded it and put it up on my site without their permission, then I use the trademark of The Simpsons without anyone's permission... This is becoming a nasty habbit! :O

Neh, as long as I don't try and sell anything I'm probably doing no harm... :confused:

Heh, that new logo took THREE WEEKS to draw on AutoCAD 2000i. Gotta do SOMETHING over my lunch breaks at work... :p

27th Dec 2003, 03:12
Originally posted by RebeL_fARmeR
Neh, as long as I don't try and sell anything I'm probably doing no harm... :confused:

Well, they might make you take the picture off of the Internet because you...err...modified the Lisa Simpson picture, but you're not making any sort of profit, so it probably doesn't matter.

Some business men and lawyers are just really possessive of their copyrighted material, which is unfair for people who just want to have a little fun. :D

27th Dec 2003, 20:02
Well, actually it was Marge!!! :D

Heh, according to my firewall my computer doesn't actually exist so I guess I won't be tracked and arrested for copyright infringement! YAY!!

28th Dec 2003, 12:33
well done! :)

29th Dec 2003, 01:09
LOL, that's so stealthy...:cool: