View Full Version : AoD Lands Gamespy's "Car Crash Of The Year" Award

24th Dec 2003, 21:53
"All you have to do is take one look at that ridiculous title to understand how far the once-enjoyable Tomb Raider series has fallen. Angel of Darkness didn't just represent a shadow of the series' former glory; it was a bug-ridden mess loaded with poor controls and inexplicable design decisions. What makes it even more confusing is that the game had been delayed numerous times before its release this June; how bad could it have been before then? Hey, we remember the original Tomb Raider fondly and would love to see the series return to its former glory; hopefully we'll get something along those lines (if there's another game) and not another sloppy movie tie-in."

24th Dec 2003, 22:14
Ouch.:( I hope Crystal Dynamics can do better.

24th Dec 2003, 22:22
Hmmmm, although it was waka-wadooly full of bugs and the controls were awful there was still a pretty good game there. Although gameplay was limited you could still have good fun with it... In fact, some parts of AOD were positively THE BEST Tomb Raider moments EVER (to me).
Considering the delays, controls, bugs, it was probably worthy of a "car crash award" but it wasn't the worst thing since un-sliced bread...