View Full Version : Official PS2 Mag Downloadable Map (UK)

23rd Dec 2003, 17:30
Has anyone played the downloadable map from the latest official PS2 magazine?

It's quite a cool map but I finished the Story objectives on my second attempt within about 10 minutes.

23rd Dec 2003, 20:21
No, I havnt. I dont know how to get to it. Can you post a link or something? that would be great!

24th Dec 2003, 11:07
Sorry mate, there is no link to it. It's on the disc that comes with the magazine. You load up the disc in your PS2 then upload the map to your memory card.

24th Dec 2003, 13:58
Oh well, guess you guys are lucky then. The official US playstation mag (since theres no one for Canada) said they'd give us maps, but they havnt got there lazy ***** around to it yet.:mad: