View Full Version : Any nore cheats?

capt. Forestzombie
23rd Dec 2003, 12:58
I'm just wondering if the is any "other" cheats that you can earn or accsesories to any cheats. heres what i got:

2.all characters are cloaked

3. paintball

4.change head size


Well thats all I knoe by heart. But please tell me.

23rd Dec 2003, 13:07
I also have:

1.rotating heads

2.big hands

3.slo motion deaths

4.silly hats

Cant for the life of me remember how I got them though, I think it was mostly doing the arcade league and challenges. I'm shure someone else on this forum knows. Theres probably and old thred out there somewere to. Could you tell me how you got paintball mode those other ones though? I'd really apreciate it.

capt. Forestzombie
23rd Dec 2003, 13:44
I completed arcade ALL OF IT and the thing you should get is paintball mode. ameture, honarary league, elite league. it dosent matter what you get as long as you complete it. :D

I got all characters are cloaked by beating story mede in hard and paper people by story mode. Iforgot how to get head siz e.. oh yeah complete challenge mode.:D i think I helped.

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23rd Dec 2003, 16:16
How do you get big hands and slow motion deaths?

23rd Dec 2003, 20:46
try going to


that should hopefully answer all your questions:cool:

24th Dec 2003, 02:12
Funny story. After I posted that I went and unlocked both of them! Thanks anyway. That link should come in handy though.

24th Dec 2003, 07:42
Thats what we're here for:cool: