View Full Version : Whats your favorite cutscene?

23rd Dec 2003, 05:39
My favorite is Siberia, i love watching Nicolai and Sgt. Shivers scream as they are attacked by a zombie!


capt. Forestzombie
23rd Dec 2003, 12:41
Mine is the introduction.it actually updates you on what has happen in the past 2 years.

23rd Dec 2003, 13:19
I like the siberia cutscene. It really sets the mood, and spooks rookies!:D

23rd Dec 2003, 15:27
I think that all of them are great. But i voted for the first one, as it brings people upto date, and (for those who have never played TS1, like me) tells you what it's all about.

28th Dec 2003, 04:53
i didnt like the robot one (mission 8)

but i voted for neotyoko as it has a great fighting scene

29th Feb 2004, 22:55
i didnt like the robot one (mission 8)

Yes I agree, that was just too weird. The only thing you can understand from the Machinest is HUH? Like a very sqeaky Darth Vader! :p

The Machinist
5th Mar 2004, 19:34
*s******* the robot ones funny. Its a cutscene of a squeaky small bald child wearing nothing but trousers and sandals!
Mind you, the one where corporal hart dies is just silly on co-operative, cos player 2 plays her for the whole level, and she coveniently dissapears afterwards.

15th Mar 2004, 03:11
Yeah, i like the Siberia level though. i love stealth and of course snipers.

13th Apr 2004, 20:14
I voted Atomsmasher, for this:

Harry Tipper: Hey Khallos, anyone ever tell you...you've got a screw loose?
Khallos: YES! /bangs control panel

That cracks me up every time.

My second fav is Siberia. It looks like it had a lot of effort put into it and the music just sets it off so well.

Switchblade 69
16th Apr 2004, 11:38
It's gotta be good ol' Capt. Ash with Stone Golem.

Gotta love how he talks:p

21st Apr 2004, 04:54
Hmm...probably Notre Dame, because of Viola's entrance. =P

And it's atmospheric too I guess, what with the rain 'n' lightning 'n' all.

Second fav goes to Siberia. "Stupid torch! Does nothing in this army work!?"

And third, probably the Wild West one.

25th Apr 2004, 00:50
It's gotta be good ol' Capt. Ash with Stone Golem.

Yeah... I really enjoy watching that one:D ! I'ts funny how he pants when he runs, and how he says TOOTLE PIP! That gets me every time.(I don't know why though:confused: )

I also like how he says "Now look Golem, you can't have it. The crystal's mine you know"! Like a big stone golem is going to let you have the crystal!:rolleyes:

Switchblade 69
25th Apr 2004, 12:36
I dunno how he survives a huge chunk of rock falling on him from a great height. (Golem falling on him when tryin to regather the crystal.) Its like an instant crush kill!:P

16th Jun 2004, 05:01
I love Chicago. I like the gangster theme.

26th Jul 2004, 23:32
I like 'em all, Capt. Ash RULES! The Siberia cutscene I saw on a demo and convinced me to 100% buy the game. Khallos is hilarious, Notre Dame (Whatever) is atmospheric, Chicago good, Braces is funny.

27th Jul 2004, 03:20
how do you make your own pole:confused:

27th Jul 2004, 07:44
Originally posted by mafia_man826
how do you make your own pole:confused:

You can't anymore because there where already enough polls. I thought I locked most of them though..

31st Jul 2004, 15:54
i like the Introduction, it sets the mood of the game really well.


2nd Aug 2004, 05:46
i like the siberia one....i love that russian accent:cool:,and the end vidio is cool too.......BOOM

Golden Oldie
26th Aug 2004, 16:19
my fav is robot factory