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23rd Dec 2003, 04:47
Hi all!,
I've been a fan of Tomb Raider for some years scince I had a copy for my Playstation. I got a notebook portable (Gateway) and found that I couldn't use certain controls (look mainly) on the copies of TR that I picked up. Needless to say this kind of ticked me off when I wanted to continue in the game and found I was stuck. I was trying to play 'Lost Artifact' and 'Chronicles'. Can anyone tell me if there is a patch program available to allow me use those controls to see Laura through her trevails? If anyone can help they would have my undieing gratitude...

23rd Dec 2003, 18:30
When in game opening titles, call up the options screen and press return on 'configuration'. Then select the key you wish to change..... as easy as that. :)

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