View Full Version : Kurtis/lara Kiss Scene?

22nd Dec 2003, 18:16
I heard there may be a cheat to make lara and kurtis kiss in the cut scene after "galleries under seige" there is a jolt (this usually means a place to add a cheat) in this scene where i think that you have to add the cheat code. Its the part where the Bas**ard takes ur guns, when he swings her around and they look like they almost kiss.

lol, it would make the scene better!

if anyone finds the code please post it in

22nd Dec 2003, 19:09
Ahem...well it would be interesting. :D

I don't think it's true tho. ;)

22nd Dec 2003, 19:50
lol. well i heard it, so it may be true. would b good tho

22nd Dec 2003, 21:28
God, it's hot in here....*turns the fan on* :D

Tomb Raider Fan
23rd Dec 2003, 00:05
How could Lara possibly kiss Kurtis lmao...

23rd Dec 2003, 01:00
I've never heard of a cheat like that. It's probably as fake as the 'legendary' nude code. (Thank goodness there is no nude code!)