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22nd Dec 2003, 00:36
I wasn't really aware of the coming arrival of Thief III until I started looking for ways to speed up the loading times for the deathly sluggish PC version of Deus Ex 2.

But looky here, right in the Deus Ex 2 config files, there's stuff relating to both the Deus Ex 2 game and the upcoming Thief III game:



So, anything with "__d" on it is for Deus Ex 2, and anything with "__t" is for Thief III, ex:


Odd they'd not clean up their DX2 code better before releasing this two-headed schizophrenic DX2/T3 game. Why not take all the Thief III references out since they're useless for a DX2 game?

This is just further evidence to me that this game was rushed out the door for the PC, and they didn't bother to really try and make use of the extra RAM available on a regular PC vs the limited cache resources of the XBOX.

I just hope Ion Storm is learning from the loud complaints about DX2, to not screw around with and dumb down the classic form of the original Thief games, too. :rolleyes:


25th Dec 2003, 17:44
I just hope EIDOS does not screw these title also

We had already the DEUS EX IW fiasco!!!!
we do not need another...

If they continue screwing games i will start avoiding GAME BOXES with the sign of EIDOS

27th Dec 2003, 17:39
Yeah, They probably will use Deux Ex IW as a "Beta Test" for Thief III. I remember when T2 Came out the load times were horrible on the machine I was running at the time.

10th Jan 2004, 21:31
Woah, that is pretty wierd for some of the Thief coding to be in there...Yeah, I bet DXIW was rushed.

10th Jan 2004, 22:12
Hey, at least EIDOS makes patches for their games. Infrogrames, (makers of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 and Temple of Elemental Evil, to name a few,) basically refuse to patch their games after release, regardless of whether the product was ready to go gold, unless the game is pratically unplayable.

EIDOS may have screwed up on DX:IW, but hopefully they learned their lesson and we will have a proper game for T3.


11th Jan 2004, 02:41
Has Eidos released the system reqs. for Thief 3 yet? I'd like to know if it would be possible to run T3 like I run DXIW on my 751Mhz Athalon II AMD processor......I mean, I have a good enough card, but not enough money to spend on a new one...I'll get some for a processor motherboard combo around April, though (i.e. my birthday, since I'm the youngest one in the family).

25th Jan 2004, 13:32
Nosferatu, you may be screwed mate. The specs for T3 are more than likely gonna be the same as DX:IW. If they are a 751Mhz CPU is really not gonna cut it... Especially if you have a weak GFX card (if it's an MX or GO GPU, run away now: you have no chance)
I have been one of the peeps shouting the odds on the IW forum and while more of us have got the game working (crashes NOT withstanding) and have really enjoyed it. Trouble is that with the level of detail and design that went into each level, we ended up with quite a short game. Point being we had all finished it several times before we got even adequate performance. I have no doubt that a big patch is on the way after the UK launch, but by then a lot of us will have done with the game and will have flogged it :(
Such a shame really.... hopefully T3 will have learned a lot from DX:IWs launch .

25th Jan 2004, 13:36
Just to clarify that post (in work and trying to boss dodge ;) )

What I am saying is that T3 will likely suffer from DX:IW problems. ie it will be startlingly different from what we expect and will cause a lot of knee jerk reactions (raises guilty hand himself) but underneath this and the technical bugs will lurk a classic game.

We will just have to all be very patient on launch day...:rolleyes:

7th Feb 2004, 05:02
Yes, and the average T3 map will be about the size of a large bathroom, with constant "Want to enter The Bedroom Now?" transistion messages.

After seeing how they destroyed the original DX's ambience, I can say already that I ain't wasting $50 on T3 when it comes out. It'll hit the $15 bargain bin before I'll bother.


Wild Ambition
9th Feb 2004, 18:18
This is what we call assembly line marketing. Formulate crap, release crap. Then you rename it, maybe repaint it then rerelease it.

Oh yes, I am VERY frightened about T3

12th Feb 2004, 08:01
I still have faith. We are pretty sure that there will be many load screens on the X-box version, but there is still hope that they will fix up the pc version to have larger areas. Don't give up on them yet :p

12th Feb 2004, 08:47
i'll put my faith back into the game when i see a press release saying "we have not forgotten the pc fans".

but...since that isn't likely to happen, my skepticism will remain intact.

12th Feb 2004, 22:35
I'm not surprised they're using the DX2 engine, why wouldn't they.

I'm also not surprised about seeing the T3 references in the DX2 configuration files. But they should have thought to clean that up if they wanted to be a bit more secret about T3... or maybe they knew we would be talking about it like this, therefore peaking even more interest about T3... good or bad talk, it's all about perception.

Almost every game nowadays that has a shared engine, you'll see connections to the other games, and eve other platforms (e.g. Xbox).

13th Feb 2004, 17:17
Originally posted by HOC
i'll put my faith back into the game when i see a press release saying "we have not forgotten the pc fans".

but...since that isn't likely to happen, my skepticism will remain intact.

After reading the 5 quotes on the official T3 website under the "press" section, all from XBox sources (4 of which are from XBox Magazine), a "we have not forgotten the pc fans" statement is not only unlikely. If a statement like that was issued, it'd be unbelieveable!

Hmm, I wonder who their target audience is?

Not to say that they don't deserve to sell all these great games out to XBox because after all, it is about making the $...but it just seems offensive to me that they sell out, then do a terrible job of porting it to the PC, then pretend like it was made with PC players in mind all along.

13th Feb 2004, 19:13
Just for the Record!! Dues Ex 2 played absoutely fine on my machine...i had absoutely no problems or slowdowns with the game. also for whats it worth. it uses the Unreal Engine, and all them series of game Work Great on my machine As well....

*NOTE* Games Companies are not building games for weak PC's. Everyone has been screaming for state of the Art, cutting edge games, from the day the first accelerated vedio card came out. Well that is what games companies are delivering. deal with it. get an Upgrade every other year or be left behind...

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13th Feb 2004, 23:19
Well I believe they are using the "Unreal Warfare" eng...with the Havoc's coding...blah, blah...but if you liked the many reloads/small maps..and all the tweaking necessary to play it more like a PC game...have at it. I have and play repeatedly the Original and I will not and have not bought that so called sequel. I'm still wondering about the HUD in T3...I still don't see a familiar one in any of those screenshots? An Icon with a number...don't care for that and where's all the rest of it? Where's the individual identity of each weapon/item? Looks like a similiar style they're trying to incorporate for the Xbox again...simplifications!!! Well we'll see as times goes on but I have my reservations still. Ta and Good Hunting!