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21st Dec 2003, 21:59
Please help i've been trying for a month now to get out of an area in the strahov fortress.... I'm in a room where there a bunch of crates stacked that I have moved but can not jump the fence because when I do, the gas kills me. I can't get through any of the eletric bars. Am I misssing something?? The notebook says gain access to the bio dome, not sure where that is. Please help me get figure out this room. Thanks!!

21st Dec 2003, 22:02
Firstly you'll have to get a strength upgrade... In order to get it you'll need to move the top crate of all those crates in front of the electric fence.... A lot of pushing and pulling....

Then you'll have to find a way to shut down the steam..... Just follow the pipes and see what you can come up with.... ;)

22nd Dec 2003, 02:29
Thank you so much for your help with out giving me the exact answer! :)

23rd Dec 2003, 03:40
Hmmm....been moving boxes for about 4 hours.... pulled them all the way as far as they would go, moved them in every direction it will allow, still I am weak. Is there some certain pattern they need to be in???:(

23rd Dec 2003, 09:15
Yes you should be able to move the top box of the stack.....
You should also move the top box 1 whole square not just a bit....
So just make sure you've got a box on which Lara can stand so you can puch/pull the thing..... It may be also so that you can only push it a half square and then switch to the other side to push it further..... Can't really remember since it's been this long... :confused:

23rd Dec 2003, 12:27
Thanks! I'll try again this afternoon! I have moved those boxes so many ways, I was sure I had moved them all as much as they would go. But knowing that I am headed in the right direction I'll keep trying. :)

24th Dec 2003, 04:37
ok....I've moved the box a whole square to each side and still nothing. This is so frustrating....I can not believe that I am still stuck here... anymore ideas or am I just stupid...:(

24th Dec 2003, 14:11
Are you sure you didn't get the upgrade allready? :confused:
Try moving the two boxes on top of each other in the middle of the room.... ;)

24th Dec 2003, 15:08
I tried moving the other two boxes but it still said "I'm not strong enough" I must be doing something wrong. I lined the second row of boxes together to make a row of three and slid the top box from one end to the other, so that moved it one whole square on each side. Did I miss understand??

24th Dec 2003, 15:32
and even worse now, I've managed to move the boxes so that I can't move any of them now...

27th Dec 2003, 10:36
i know exactly what your dilemma is.
ok, go back to where you came in from move in to the centre where the fence is to the right and the electrical door is to your left....

there are a few movable blocks in that area, you need to xplore abit you should get it.

you'll need one of those boxes to help you gain access to the
box that regulates steam flow.