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20th Dec 2003, 22:19
I have just release Oracle of the Prophets which is Episode 4 of A Keeper of the Prophecies

Oracle of the Prophets (http://www.edanet.com/thief2/ORACLE/Oracle_v1a.zip) -- about 41Mb.

I highly advise reading through the playing notes. There are some quirks that may be better understood as a result.

Many thanks to the contributers and my long-suffering beta testing team. This mission would not have been as polished and (hopefully) bug-free without their hours spent wading into the corners of this world.


21st Dec 2003, 02:28
i just got a new video card(256ram card) and upped another 512mb of ram also as soon as i install these i plan on playing your series! frobber, this is my christmas present i cant think of anything id rather be doing than playing your series on my time off(if i can just get this card and the memory up and running :D)

i cant wait!

21st Dec 2003, 19:48
Go get this one, folks. Be prepared for something completely different and a little spooky. :)

21st Dec 2003, 21:38
Ha,ha, ha...now these little larger dl's won't mean nuttin!!! :D Thanks frobber to you and your teams efforts to make this, the final(?) chapter and see how our hero survives (I hope and me too?) ;) I'll be getting it shortly. Ta and Good Hunting!

ps: A little over 4 mins. When it works...I'm lovin it (and it ain't MacDonalds either!!! :D

22nd Dec 2003, 01:37
No. The next mission is the last episode, plus an epilogue that I'll throw in. We'll see if I can beat the Thief 3 release!

22nd Dec 2003, 02:26
I dl Book 1 but I had just played through Enterprise on Expert and did not realize it was included in the Book. Do you recommend I play through it again to get to the second in the series or can I skip it. If "Skip Enterprise" is OK, how do I do that?

22nd Dec 2003, 03:08
Originally posted by littlek
I dl Book 1 but I had just played through Enterprise on Expert and did not realize it was included in the Book. Do you recommend I play through it again to get to the second in the series or can I skip it. If "Skip Enterprise" is OK, how do I do that? Your choice to skip. I did align the clues better with the rest of the series, and since you know the mission, you might whip through to see these detsails.

To skip a mission press Ctrl-Alt-SHft-End -- all together (I believe that's the code)

22nd Dec 2003, 12:05
Many thanks Frobber. The perfect stocking filler! :)

22nd Dec 2003, 17:38
hi again frobber, i thought i saw some screens before of one of your levels having fog? if so i can finally see the fog in t2 so i cant wait!

on the other side, i cant seem to get fog to work in my own level...my new one is going to be early morning with sunshine and fog but i added the local weather fog and its not showing up after i ran the necessary things(optimize, pathfind, etc) i was following the official docs on weather and fog just cant get it working yet. but i will. this is the main reason i was taking a break from building the level, i needed to put that new card in so i could see the fog in my own level.

22nd Dec 2003, 18:34
The first three mission have fog. Oracle of the Prophets does not -- or at least not true fog. I have some special effects that create a localized effect similar to fog -- but that should also show up even if a video card can't display standard fogging.

BTW, my opinion of fog on the LGS orginal missions is that it's way too bright -- it actually creates a daylight feeling (which might be good for your design). But you may notice that the fog is thinner and darker in my series.

Good luck with the new card.

22nd Dec 2003, 23:07
Tried playing it. Got all the way to the center with the volcano and lava pit. But I had to give up. The jerk is just way too low. I get headaches trying to play this FM. The map was simply made too huge with too many non-square objects. The FM goes way beyond what the Thief engine was designed to handle. Even some of the OMs were pushing the engine and the FMs are often worse. I'll have to wait to play this one when I get my new machine up, running, tested, and configured. My eyes just can't take this one on my 3-year old machine playing a 3-year old game engine with FMs that are too large or complicated for the engine and/or my system to handle.

It does look quite interesting though. I was ghosting it so far but often had to reload because I'd hear a splat ball but had no idea where it came from before it hit me. Although I started getting used to the severely reduced gravity, trying to aim for anything when jump or sliding off was just luck that I landed where I intended. It's just too jerky for me to play.

23rd Dec 2003, 02:57
Vanguard -- This one is not as bad as the others. The polycount is lower and overall I thought it ran better than the other missions. When I was expressing my concerns about this during testing, one of the testers pointed out how I shouldn't be designing for the slowest machines. I should design for the typical machines people have bought in the last couple of years. I actually did most of my testing on a 1.1Ghz laptop with cruddy graphics and minimal memory and it runs just fine. So I think I have to hope that a new PC is in your future, since IMO, it's not the limits of the engine or the excesses of the design which lies at the heart of your frustration here.

25th Dec 2003, 00:22
my new card and more memory rocks! im not experiencing any jerkiness in anything so far. ill be starting the enterprise tonight in a few minuites as soon as i figure out how to get in the mages lab in The Skull of Lysander( im playing all the fms again and want to finish this one before moving on) ill let you know how your series plays on my system :)

25th Dec 2003, 18:29
just made it through the enterprise on expert. wow! not only is this mission gorgeous, the gameplay and story had me so wrapped up that i couldnt stop playing until i finished it! quality work frobber, im moving on to the next one(suppose the old bastard poisoned me or someone else who didnt like the idea of me running the show) :D

26th Dec 2003, 17:18
well, im almost done with the insurrection. im experiencing a slight jerk (caused by fighting ai in the background) i think if i ran the mission at a smaller resolution it might not jerk period im running it at 1024x768 or something like that. im very curious aboutthe next mission, if i get through that portal and the hammers destroy it how am i going to get back :D

26th Dec 2003, 17:23
Originally posted by amievil?
the next mission, if i get through that portal and the hammers destroy it how am i going to get back :D Such a fine question! You are certainly in the right groove with this and other (previous) comments... ;)

29th Dec 2003, 21:13
[Amievil, Frobber]

Well, it doesn't really matter, does it? If Garrett were to return at this point, time would restart, and he would simply die a horrible death from the poison.

I guess that Garrett would believe it was better to live, even in a weird universe, than to die in agony in his own. After all, maybe he could learn to thieve in whatever universe he ended up!

In any event, I'm quite certain that one element of Frobber's final chapter will be finding a way to return to the "real" world once more. Somehow, I smell objective.... :D


29th Dec 2003, 22:28
If I were bulding an entire game, OotP would have been the beginning of many quests, all different somehow. Since the next mission is the last, then things have to start becoming "normal" again quite quickly. IMO, it's better to trim than to add, so I suppose it will turn out okay.

BTW, I made a page of thumbnails that point to screenshots (http://www.edanet.com/thief2/ORACLE/screens/oraclescreens.html).

29th Dec 2003, 22:35
Or maybe this was all just a very bad dream??? :D Or a prophecy of things to come if he doesn't take some type of action to change the outcome??? Ha, ha...imagination taking ahold of me a bit! ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

Frobber, just checked out your thumbs...and that is funny! Your captions gave me a good laugh :D Yea, I can see this is surely got to be a BAD DREAM!!!! LOL

30th Dec 2003, 07:56
Possible spoilers ahead, I wont be saying anything more spoilish than what has already been said.

I just played through the first missions of the the series (absolutly sensational Cathedral!) and have started this latest addition. Some spooky stuff. I came across one of the grey things near the beginning, and being a person who likes to test the boundries before doing too much, I went in for a backstab, and, well, things went south real fast. My backstab attempt evidently was a front stab, I think, but I just kept swinging, and he just took one hefty swing and I was KO. So, stealth is my new friend. Some scary looking stuff though, has that Xen feeling to it, though with half-life, you can assuage your fears by looking at the numerous weapons you have to make them go splat. This time, nothing, even shadows are tricky to use. Very cool though, a real origial piece you've created.

AHHHHHHHHHHH HOW LAME IS THIS???? Ive gotten myself stuck on a stupid rock. I was able to jump to it thinking I could then jump to another rock, but couldnt, and now the shape of the rock Im on is preventing me from getting a half decent jump in order to get back to the main rock. This must really be hell if I have to do what I just did again, Im like 2 hours into this, and really couldnt recreate the route Ive taken. ARGH! There must be something I can do..... I can get SO close that garret actually beginns to mantle up onto the rock, but my legs hit the lava and I die. This is SO brutal, if I could get just a little more speed...
is there an .ini I can edit, I know its cheating but I really dont want to have to restart for something like this, is there anything I can do do make me move fast or jump higher, we're talking a matter of inches, I wish I could take a screenshot and show you.

30th Dec 2003, 16:28
That rock has bagged one other player, too. But it's not a planned trap. So I'll make this my first entry on the list of things to fix. Did you really get that far without a recent save? That t'would indicate amazing skills!

In the meantime, I'll try creating a bridge that you can download. Could you send me a save file from your present predictament so I can test some things?

frobber - at - edanet -dot- com

30th Dec 2003, 18:54
Wow, that shows amazing commitment on your part Frobber. Thank you, I really am amazed, but I want to re-explain my situation. While its true Im stuck, its my own stupididty that put me there, I only used quick saves, and after jumping to the rock, I quick saved, so I can only restart the level to get off the rock. I posted before all whiney cause I knew I was a dummy, and I was flipping out cause I jump SOOOOO close to the mainland that when I die, I my face falls onto the rock, Im not even in the lava. Now, Im not overly far into the level, in terms of objectives, though Ive played for a while, and seen a lot that Im not sure I could find again, I really dont know, but I will send you the save, and to spare all the other readers from spoilers, I will tell you in the email exactly where I am.

30th Dec 2003, 19:17
Specter -- When I hear about something like this, I really want to fix it, and get you on your way. Not just because I'm a nice guy (hah), but also because I don't want the mission to be a problem for anyone else (beyond its intended problem!).

I should be ready to try your quicksav soon -- I've made the alteration, but need to update the database.

There won't be an immediate public re-release, but I will fold this into an update I'll be releasing soon. The update will only include a few minor tweaks, and unless somebody is planning to get stuck on that rock, there should be no reason to re-download.

EDIT -- I have found that a game save made by the current release will not load the new terrain I made to easily leave this rock. However, it is possible to jump anyway (having had three months to practice jumping in this world, I've learned a few tricks!). Back up as far as you can about half way up the rock. Run level across the rock and jump aiming at a spot just to the right -- so that you will seem to hit the wall about 1/2 way there. By holding the "run" key the whole way, Garrett gets a little running traction on the wall (in this 1/3 gravity world), and this is enough to carry him to safety.

Not an easy trick, and it will certainly be made easier at the next release.

(BTW, Specter sent me a game.sav file, and I have fixed this for him so he should be on his way soon.)

31st Dec 2003, 03:01
Indeed, Frobber did help me. I just finished the mission (90% loot found) A truly excellent mission. I recommend EVERYONE play it. Frobber, I want to add that your Cathedral, in the last mission, is my favorite, absolute favorite. I love old cathedrals, and you even built it accurately! I dont remember what their called, but the tall supports that stick out along the outer wall of the old gothic cathedrals, when I saw those, I was very impressed. Very good work!

5th Jan 2004, 03:21
I just finished "The Insurrection" and had a blast. I even climbed down one of the lights in the cathedral then fell to a nasty end. Not sure if that went anywhere because I did not try it again. And those ledges were so slippery....yes I took a few tumbles but I save a lot so those long falls did not put me back to far. Just finished dl "oracle" to see where Garrett ended up. Enjoying your creation Frobber.

6th Jan 2004, 00:48
confession time :D i started playing oracle its really out there and different, i of course expected it to be since its in a different world. i stopped playing it though. its interesting and i will come back to it, but i got caught in a web.....i bought the new computer gaming world mag that has the deus ex/thief/other games on it and installed deus ex. i am amazed at how much i dig the game and have been playing it pretty much nonstop. i guess i just miss a good shooter game. i havent even opened dromed in a few weeks :(

this is probably not fair to say without first completeing oracle frobber, but in my opinion out of your entire series your first mission is the best one. man i REALLY got into the enterprise, a truly professional effort with a driving story. THAT mission had me hooked and playing non stop like deus ex. hallucinations had me on edge, and then the insurrection REALLY put me on edge hehe. in other words i really like your entire series, the story is excellent. oracle is also a fine effort, it just is taking me a while to get into it.

is it just me or does the enterprise have creepy greenish fog? that whole mission reminded me of an old wwII movie or something. excellent.

obviously your cathedral makes one gasp from beginning to end, and thats all that needs to be said:eek:

6th Jan 2004, 01:57
amievil -- hey go for it! I took a break to play Deus Ex last year, and it's worth every minute! It's really cool to see a shooter game with good story -- really good.

Yeah, the Enterprise has all kinds of moldy texturing, and the fog itself has a green tinge. One of the guards in Thief 1 kept complaining "... ah it's so wet... and mold everywhere..." so I got inspired to give him something to really complain about!

I kinda need a break, too, even though I'm in a race to beat Thief 3. I built Oracle in less than three months using every nook and cranny of my free time. Sometimes I go peddle-to-the-metal like that... and wind up paying for it later!

Enjoy Deus Ex for sure!

9th Jan 2004, 02:43
Ah Man...those critters are evil! They frighten me. I have got to get off this damn rock!

.......days later and a necessary peek at the walkthrough....that was great frobber. I loved leaping around and once I figured out how to kill those beasts, I had a blast. Cannot wait for the next one. The ending was awesome!