View Full Version : I want the option of first person view

20th Dec 2003, 21:29
I bought the first "Hitman" and I am not a fan of "Third Person" games...even though I bought and play Max Payne & The Fall of Max Payne extensively...

I think that Eidos would pick upa significant amount of new, old, customers that buy Eidos "First Person" games but don't touch 'third person' games(for the most part) such as myself.

At the very least to change the camera angle so you have a 'first person' view or to make a toggle so you can 'almost' automaticly go to first person when you are engaging the enemy or ready for some action.

Third person has the advantage of being able to position your view so you can see around a corner or at the top of a ladder before your charecter actually comes into view to get shot.

I like the way May Payne does it and I also liked 'Soldier of Fortune' it just had a good 'feel' to the game visually. That and them game play makes a game a real winner for me.

Anyway I am sure Eidos is aware of this I just haven't seen a 'FAQ' that deal with third person versus first in the himan series.

9th Jan 2004, 00:28
Hitman 2 has it, pick that up, you'd love it.