View Full Version : Europe Release?

20th Dec 2003, 19:58
Are we going to have the same situation with Thief 3 as with Deus Ex 2 where the Europe release date will be 2 months after the US?
If so, why?
What do Eidos think they're doing to the community with this. OK I can accept that developers need to produce localized content but why not wait until it's all ready before releasing the game. We have an international community with access to international suppliers - some even use international ripoffs. If Deus Ex 2 ends up a flop Europe then I for one will not be surprised. Nor do I think that the European retailers will be too happy either.
I'm prepared to wait for a good game but I'm not prepared to be treated like a second class member of the gaming community.

4th Jan 2004, 18:37
You should be happy that it hasn't been released there yet. They have time to fix what they ripped us off on. You also have a really good insight as what to expect now from DX:IW.

Try not to look at it as though you are being treated as 2nd class. Look at it as the fortunate ability to see how others react to it before you make the unfortunate mistake most of us did in buying it in the first place.

Trust me, you really aren't missing anything in DX:IW. Constant level loads and sad Frame Rates. Unless ofcourse you like that sorta thing.

My Opinion, you're better off waiting till T3 is released and hope they don't screw it up too.

Believe me when I say. I wish they would have released it there first. If it got as many bad posts there as it has here. I wouldn't have bought DX:IW.