View Full Version : Please help with Boaz

20th Dec 2003, 18:02
I need help with shooting off the rear pods of Boaz. The front pods is no problem , but i don't know how to aim at the rear pods.

Is there some special key to chance your aim .(PC version).I am shooting her in her face until she throws out her Venom then I run
to the side of her but I'm just shooting at the front Pods that is already off.

I have been stuck in this level for a long time and is getting bored.
Please help because I am very stupid.

20th Dec 2003, 18:43
Don't feel stupid, Boaz can be tough.

You can use the 'roll' key to change which pod he aims for. :)

27th Dec 2003, 22:49
At long last . Thanx a lot.:D :D :D :D :D