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20th Dec 2003, 02:18
Well this will be my last post for awhile. We have our final moving day tomorrow. Getting rid of DSL and going back to cable. But they can't get an installer out to hook the IV back up until Dec 29th between 8-Noon. 10 WHOLE days without the internet, how will I survive. Thanx for the memories and see you all on the otherside.
I'm off like a dress on prom nite.


The DNS issues have been fixed..
NativeArt Design (http://www.nativeartdesign.net)
is back online....:D

20th Dec 2003, 03:01
Good luck, and happy holidays. We will await your return like the kid with his nose pressed against the window of the candy store.


Mr. Perfect
20th Dec 2003, 07:51
Go, and have a great Christmas in a nice neiborhood!

20th Dec 2003, 13:30
Waiting like a horse at feeding time....

Shadow Creepr
20th Dec 2003, 14:03
Good luck with your move. I hope all will work out for you and your family. :)

I'm glad to see your site back online too. \o/

20th Dec 2003, 15:23
I could not survive with the Internet for that long. :)

21st Dec 2003, 03:13
Good luck, Apache. Looking forward to your return.:)

I am sure you don't want to know this right now, but all the links in the Taffers' Album are broken. They refer to nativeartsdesign.com rather than nativeartsdesign.net. They will work if you change the .com to .net. They can be viewed by changing them manually, if anyone is that desperate. :)