View Full Version : Help with Bloodsport FM

19th Dec 2003, 01:01
I am playing on Nuckin Futs level....I cannot find the BJ. I saw that on Expert it is in a room near where I went out the hole in the back of the jailcell. Does a BJ exist on this level? I need a BJ!!

Also, on the same floor where the BJ is supposed to be, there is a room with a metal door with a lever that will not work and none of the keys work on the lock to this door. I got a blue keys off a very inept guard in an office area nearby and one off a desk in there as well. None of these keys work on that door.

19th Dec 2003, 02:00
The blackjack is in the same room on every difficulty setting, I'm pretty sure. It's the last room on the left on the hallway you mentioned, before you go through the doors into the kitchen.

You need two keys to get into that locked room. I know that one of them is worn by a guard that patrols down the hallway where the "creatures" are jailed. I forget who has the other one, though.

19th Dec 2003, 02:48
i ghosted most of the fm before realizing that i missed the blackjack:mad:

19th Dec 2003, 03:40
LOL amievil? You are truly talented! That must have been very difficult. I just have never had played an FM where a BJ was not part of the plan.

Thanks NW. I just never thought I could get down that end of the hall and not be detected by that guard. He never stayed turned for very long. I am enjoying this FM.

21st Dec 2003, 00:58
Does the Grand Leige have a pony tail and is wearing a white shirt? I found this gent in a room with bullseyes, sparing dummies and 4 archers patrolling above the room. I did see a character in his house that was with the gold bot man. He took off and I have not seen him since. Could that be him as well?