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18th Dec 2003, 17:41
Although not as nice as tBM's, I thought I would share this with all you wonderful taffers. I sincerely wish everyone a spectacular holiday season and that T3 will soon be here. Enjoy!


18th Dec 2003, 18:07
Merry Christmas!:D

18th Dec 2003, 19:29
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the Builder see to it that we aren't paying for today's gifts two years from now :)

18th Dec 2003, 20:08
That was very cute! Thanks for sharing and may everyone have a Wonderful Happy Season and Santa brings you your wishes for a Happy New Year too! :)

19th Dec 2003, 02:12
Merry Christmas, littlek! My holiday season this year will be a little busier than usual because my daughter is getting married on Dec. 27th! Needless to say, we're feeling a little swamped right now and Christmas is taking a bit of a backseat. It's nice to see things posted like this that remind me about things besides wedding dresses and flowers! LOL!

Here's another one that some of you may not have seen yet: Click here (http://web.icq.com/shockwave/0,,4845,00.swf)

19th Dec 2003, 03:44
A Wedding! I truly hope the event will be blessed. I liked the link.

Shadow Creepr
20th Dec 2003, 14:11
Happy Holidays to all. Thanks for the Christmas card links. :)

I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful, Nightwalker. What a wonderful way to end 2003.