View Full Version : Thread Lasers?

capt. Forestzombie
18th Dec 2003, 14:31
Is there any weapon that can shoot theads laser.:confused:

18th Dec 2003, 23:14
The Lasergun is similar.

The Lasergun shots don't seem to be as powerful though.

19th Dec 2003, 19:08
What's a thread laser?

capt. Forestzombie
20th Dec 2003, 00:46
A'ight robofishzombie, you did answer my question but really , If you were to go to assultr pick Scrapyard and play it ( you probily have already done that) the guns that shot the lasers was the answer I was looking for. But I was thinking of a gun that you can hold other than a lasergaun:rolleyes:

capt. Forestzombie
20th Dec 2003, 00:48
Oh sorry if I got your name wrong. :-(:o