View Full Version : Help with XP Screensavers

18th Dec 2003, 06:57
OK. I give up. Where in XP are the screensaver files? I can use control panel to load them but I can't find the storage area.

In 98 I could do a "FIND" for *.SCR and locate them. But "Search" in XP is no help.

Any suggestions or direct info would be appreciated. I have a couple I want to add to the list.

18th Dec 2003, 08:02
They are in <b>Windows\System32</b>.

When searching in XP make sure you use the "All Files and Folders" option and then click the bottom arrow option called "More Advanced Options" and make sure "Search System Folders", "Search Hidden Files and Folders" and "Search Subfolders" are all checked.

18th Dec 2003, 09:16
Thanks, I thought I had the ALL FILES and HIDDEN files set, I'll check that. I also did a open file search IN SYSTEM 32 and did not see a folder or the SCR files, but I'll look again.