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17th Dec 2003, 21:30
i have never used 2 guns in each hand like she does on other tomb raider games!!! please can sum1 tell me how i can get 2 use 2 guns at the same time as she does in clips! thanks!!!:mad:

Black Angel
18th Dec 2003, 21:42
There actually are two guns (Vector R-35 pistols) included in the game, however the source code as it stood when the game was originally released had not yet integrated the trademark twin pistols for use in each hand.

If you want to know where to find both pistols, the first is hidden in the Derelict Apartments, while the second is inside the Louvre, during the first visit. You can find the second next to the x-ray room near the security guard.

You'll need to come here to get the pass code for Carvier's Office.

Unfortunately, the second does not appear in your inventory. As for the screenshots, those were probably generated from a beta version of the game that wasn't released to the general public. That is, of course, how companies like Prima publish their strategy guides so quickly.

Sorry for the let down.

19th Dec 2003, 13:09
You can get the dual pistols on the PC version, but only by cheating.

19th Dec 2003, 18:08
thanx Black Angel 4 the advice uve eased my mind now lol!