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17th Dec 2003, 05:34
hey all. On some parts of the game, in the background, there will be random blocks of black, as if some pixels are missing or something. Just wondering if this happened to anybody else, and if so, what they did to fix it? I d/led the winxp patch and TNT patch, only used the FF7config.exe file for the TNT patch, have all the latest patches for my video card, and looked on this forum. No solutions :mad:

My system:
WINXP PRO service pack 1
384 mb RAM
800 mHz athlon
GeForce FX 5200
DX 9.0b
VIA AC'97 Audio Controller

17th Dec 2003, 10:51
ForceWare is not compatible with fx5600 in FF7pc. So I think your fx5200 may have same problem. Switch back to Detonator 4x.xx, it should solve your problem.

If you encounter the grid problem in 2D background. You can set 2x2 AA with RivaTuner.

4th Jan 2004, 18:17
Yes run the game in Software Render if all goes bad if u have a Geforce FX (Or any other Directx 9 video card) Videos could lag when they are playing in Software Render mode