View Full Version : Which patch fixes which bug?

Agent Guile
17th Dec 2003, 00:28
The first path I installed was v52 only. It fixed a lot of bugs, only that it left 2 glaring bugs that annoyed me--those bugs are the 2 narrow ledges in the Wrath of the Beast and Bio Research Facility that Lara has to make a sidestep to cross them, in which the screen goes black afterwards (due to camera perspective, I think).

I tried using the V42, and V49 combination. It fixed this bug, but it left a new one behind. Now, I'm seeing this bug in the brother obscura level where the screen shows a line connecting Lara and the ghost when it approaches her.

I've tried reinstlalling v52, make it overwrite the v42 and v49 patches, but I can't load previously saved games played with v49.

What is the proper patch combination to fix these 3 bugs?