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Beagle Boy
16th Dec 2003, 22:15
Link (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/hitman3contracts/news_6085677.html)

www.hitmancontracts.com (http://www.hitmancontracts.com/)

Spring 2004 :eek:

2004 is going to be a great year for gaming

Doom 3
Thief 3
Duke Nukem Forever
Hitman 3
Half-Life 2


Beagle Boy
14th Jan 2004, 19:15
No Reply. I must have said something wrong.

Here (http://www.gamershell.com/hellzone_Action_Hitman_Contracts.shtml) are some screenshots of Hitman3.

19th Jan 2004, 16:49
Ahh, this community is kind of dead. It's going to be a great game. Thanks for the link to the SS.

Anyway check out this game www.cityofheroes.com. That's the one i'm going to play.

21st Jan 2004, 16:06
New load of screens, 14 in total:


21st Jan 2004, 17:28
Hmm those are Xbox ones. I only play the series for pc, but they are nice screenshots. Thanks.

26th Jan 2004, 14:17
Beagle Boy,

I suggest you to add one more game in the list : Blood Rayne 2

26th Jan 2004, 16:38
What about Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines. Their website is very interactive and they're using Half Life 2 technology. They've also added their cloak coding to the engine.:D

24th Feb 2004, 23:12
Originally posted by Beagle Boy
No Reply. I must have said something wrong.Not really, but there is a Hitman Contracts forum here.

7th Mar 2004, 19:30
Don't forget.....

Painkiller - The demo is cool. Good old Heretic feel, only better.
FarCry - This will be good. The graphics are cool.
Battlefield Vietnam - Not sure about this one. Could be good.

Beagle Boy
7th Mar 2004, 22:42
Originally posted by Freddo
Not really, but there is a Hitman Contracts forum here.
it was not there when i posted it.