View Full Version : Where can I download Tomb Raider-games?

The Godfather
15th Dec 2003, 20:14

Can anyone tell me where I can download the following Tomb Raider-games, please? Thank you very much!

* Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business
* Tomb Raider 2: The Golden Mask
* Tomb Raider IV - I don't know the title but there's this short adventure where Lara Croft works for an English paper.

* A site which presents the UTTER-BEST custom games!

Many thanks, my friends!

Bye for now

sk8er punk
15th Dec 2003, 21:52
Kk. For unfinished business, look 4 the thread i started about tr gold. for golden mask, try stella's site, tombraiders.net. for the other one - The Times Exclusive - try stella's too. and www.trle.net is great for finding custom games.

4th Jan 2004, 06:17
The only one of those I haven't beaten in Unfinished business. But I have beating the Golden Mask and The Times Exclusive. Both were great. The Times Exclusive level is fantastic!:)