View Full Version : Wow, This game got hard fast!

15th Dec 2003, 15:06
I just got this game recently and am loving it, its just it got really hard fast. So far I have beaten easy mode, and have completed arcade mode (Amateur League) with all gold medals and a few platinum. I thought I was doing good until I played Normal difficulty, in story mode, and tried the Honorary league.

I need some combat tips, on how to stay alive longer/use weapons the most efficiently

all help is appreciated :)

15th Dec 2003, 15:08
Ohh ya, I forgot to mention I beat the break the glass challenge (exept the last one in the church)

the grenade one -- 13.6 seconds

the brick one -- 28.7 seconds

the church one -- 25 panes (Bronze)

and now I am doing the zombie challenge, but I am having trouble with the second one (where the zombies are on fire)

Help with that would be very appreciated too :)

15th Dec 2003, 15:52
try this (http://www.mathgamehouse.com/ts2/)

15th Dec 2003, 16:20
You can go down the list and look at my thread on "tactics for multiplayer sucess" Some of it applys to missions. :cool:

The Skeletor
15th Dec 2003, 18:18
Good to see I am not the only one still playing this game,LOL

15th Dec 2003, 18:37
Thanks guys, that helped.. I mostly gotta touch up on my aiming accuracy :(

15th Dec 2003, 20:32
Originally posted by TS2_Mapmaker
I mostly gotta touch up on my aiming accuracy :( What console are you on?

15th Dec 2003, 20:40
I am playing on gamecube, and whenever I manually aim (mainly with the sniper rifle) I find the controls too sensitive.. i.e. you tap the C-stick and it moves the aimer half a foot!! Or maybe I just have to get the hang of it


15th Dec 2003, 21:49
Yeah, that's why I mentioned it. If you're into short term pain for long term gain, you should try switching to left stick = aim/turn, c-stick = run/sidestep. I guarantee if you put up with the first hour or two of sucking, you'll end up a much better player. Not only is the left stick better for aiming, but the quick movement of the c-stick is actually an advantage for running. If you try it, only push forward on the c-stick and only turn left/right with the left stick till that comes naturally. After that you can start aiming and strafing like a pro. ;)

15th Dec 2003, 22:12
thanks everyone,

wow controls feel weird, but gotta get used to it