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14th Dec 2003, 20:24
Here's a copy of a thread I posted over at TTLG. I'm posting it here with the hope that anyone experiencing it at these forums can help contribute a solution :0

I've seen a few people experience the following error on Thief/Thief Gold/Thief II/System Shock II using the latest Nvidia drivers (version 53.03) for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

The Error:
<img src="http://www.ttlg.com/dave/techhelp/forcewareerror.png">

This error is normally fixed by updating your drivers (which you obviously can't do) or adding the line <b>safe_texture_manager</b> to <b>user.cfg</b>, however this does not work either (it is primarily an Intel 7/8xx error).
The only fix found so far is to revert to an earlier driver set, which is obviously not an ideal fix.

If you have this error with the V53.03 drivers I would appreciate it if you could try the following:<li>Uninstall the v53.03 drivers from the control panel<li>Reboot your system and allow Windows to pick its own drivers.<li>Reboot again.<li>Download one of the utilities from <a href="http://www.guru3d.com/detonator-destroyer/">here</a>. Detonator R.I.P or Nvidia Nasty File Remover are recommended.<li>Run the program you downloaded and reboot once complete<li>Reinstall the v53.03 drivers and see if the error occurs.
Please only attempt the above if you feel safe with the installation and uninstallation of drivers. I am trying to ascertain if the problem is poorly installed drivers, or whether it is a flat out bug from NVIDIA.

Please post <a href="http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=77102">in this Tech Help thread</a> if you are experiencing the error, or have experienced the error and solved it. Please include your <b>Operating System, DirectX Version</b> (Start > Run > dxdiag) and <b>Graphics Card</b> model (ie Geforce 4 ti4200 128MB)

Please do not post below with any <i>"NVIDIA SUCKS, ATI ROOLZ"</i> etc as that won't help the situation.

Cheers. :)

The image used above is from Valkyre's posting of the problem, thanks to him/her for providing a clear picture of the exact error :thumb:

7th Jan 2004, 13:44
I just updated to the latest NVidia drivers and I got this problem. Before I searched any forums for the answer, I tried
safe_texture_manager and that removed the problem for me.

9th Jan 2004, 01:32
On the Thief II cd in the user.cfg it says:

Some video cards may not work properly with Thief 2
including the intel 810 and the nVidia RIVA 128. To fix, remove the semicolon from the next line.
;safe_texture_manager ;)!

Thief Gold doesn't have the safe_texture manager to use so therefore there has got to be a different command to get thief gold to work with the 53.03 drivers :(.

BTW removed the problem for you in WHICH game?!

9th Jan 2004, 04:45
Thief 2 and System Shock 2 can be fixed with safe_texture_manager, but Thief/Thief Gold can not. The only way to get Thief running is to go back to older drivers, as is said in the thread at TTLG.

9th Jan 2004, 04:52
I understood that salvage, I was just curious as to what game he was talking about was all...

9th Jan 2004, 15:24
Sorry - I was talking about Thief2

9th Jan 2004, 23:34
Its all good now I downgraded my video card drivers from 53.03 to 45.23 and now thief gold works and I suspect the samething with thief 2 as well :p...

29th Jan 2004, 06:00
I believe I had a similar message but i could be wrong. here is my senario.

When I installed the new Nvidia 53.03 drivers... I uninstalled the previous version. This can cause the error in question after installing 53.03 as a clean install.

Try this. uninstall any Nvidia display drivers. reboot. when you system starts you should be running default Windows display drivers. Then go to Hardware configuation and Update Display drivers from there. THen have windows look ONLINE for the new drivers. Windows should find and install 52.XX drivers. Restart and then reinstall 53.03 ontop of 52.XX. That worked for me. Hope that helps.