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14th Aug 2013, 14:42
I can't wait for Before Meteor! Does anyone know when the pre-orders copies are shipping out?

14th Aug 2013, 16:42
I hope they announce how Europeans will be able to buy this soon.

As of now only France and Belgium residents can buy it from the France SE store, and people who attend Gamescon in a few weeks can buy it there too. But no news on how the rest of us can order this.

14th Aug 2013, 22:22
That is nuts. Crazy that it's not on Amazon, either. You could use white rabbit express to get it from Japan, although that would cost a bit more.

21st Aug 2013, 18:27
I was on the american Square Enix Store Page and noticed the Album there is a Japan Import and has a special code to unlock a minion in Final Fantasy XIV ARR. In the other Hand the European Store doesnt have this and there is no information about a japan import. Does anyone know something about this? Excuse my english, im trying my best :) Best Regards

23rd Aug 2013, 14:42

Yeah, I've seen other people wondering about that. The EU album is also a Japanese import (SE already mentioned that it would be the same for all over the world I believe), so its strange that they make no mention of the Dalamud minion.

As for me, customers from Portugal apparently still can't order the album (doesn't even let me go to that section of the store). I actually had already given up and ordered the album from cdjapan. It as shipped today.

SE really needs to get their act together in relation to shipping physical goods across Europe. It makes no sense why they only ship to a few select countries.

31st Aug 2013, 05:59
Hi SQ Enix,

I lost my debit card that I used to preorder the soundtrack, and got a replacement card just recently. Is there a way to change my debit card info for the order? I don't know how to change or cancel it. I most certainly don't want to cancel it because I really want the soundtrack and it's sold out now. What should I do? Please help!

28th Jan 2014, 21:58
Hello I want to ask When the soundtrack from FFXIV: Before Meteor is on stock ?