View Full Version : whens lara out on the xbox

14th Dec 2003, 13:57
its about time lara was brought out on the xbox i think its about time eidos got there finger out and show what they can do with xbox power it can only be all good.

14th Dec 2003, 14:23
Not anytime soon, if at all. If it's going to happen, don't expect it until the next game.

Hm, xBox power..

14th Dec 2003, 16:58
I believe that Eidos has a "deal" with Sony that Tomb Raider will only be on the Playstation (and the PC).

sk8er punk
14th Dec 2003, 21:32
Yea, I wouldn't expect it until maybe TR7. AOD's reviews haven't even made it seem worth while to port it over...

Eidos probably just won't spend the nescessary money to port it because of the bad reviews. It probably won't sell.