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13th Dec 2003, 22:13
Okay, after I saw what happened with DX:IW I was a little disappointed. In my opinion it didnt do much justice to the original considering the advance in technology and gaming standards. Eidos has won me over with the Hitman series though aswell as the Legacy of Kain.

I was wondering if there was going to be a Hitman 3? If there is I hope Microsoft and thier X-box has nothing to do with it, or hope it doesnt change too much from Hitman 2. There are only a few things that I belive would make the next installment of Hitman
better than the last,
-Less focused on ranged weopons, easier to sneak up on enemies and use the wire and such. Maybe moving faster while sneaking might help, and make the enemies a little less aware of whats behind them.
-Hand to Hand, being able to punch and kick would deffinately be a plus, for those times you are stuck without weopons and all you can do is smile back.
-Damage, bullets should do more damage, to make up for less aware enemies and an enhanced ability to sneak around. So when you do slip up and get noticed there's more of a penalty.

So the conclusion:
Hitman 1 :D Dues Ex 1 :D Hitman 2 :D Dues Ex 2 :mad:
The Idea of a Hitman 3 :D

16th Dec 2003, 17:16
Yes there is coming a Hitman 3 called Hitman 3: Contracts.

The game will be released on PS2/XBOX/PC.

As of today there's a trailer that you can check out:


Anos Flosser, Managing Director IO:
Hitman: Contracts will reveal a new side to Hitman. The game will be epic, highly disturbing, but most importantly an enjoyable experience. The technology we are employing will make it one of the most advanced games on the market.

11th Jan 2004, 16:18
yep it's gonna rock. Currently i'm playing Hitman 2 and having a blast on professional. It's challenging yet fair.