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13th Dec 2003, 14:51
My TS2 site : http://www.timesplitters2.fr.vu/

13th Dec 2003, 18:17
Nice site, tons of ecellent pics, but unfortunatly my knowledge of the french language extends only to that of grade 9 applied french.:D Cet une excellent site. Bravo. Je ne sais parle Francais.

14th Dec 2003, 08:15
I' m not very good in English either. Maybe I will translate my site one day.
I hope there isn't mistakes.

The Skeletor
14th Dec 2003, 16:29
Very good and well done! But my french is not good at all,(can not find decoder ring!!) But still it is very well set out and the looks great. You have a good site there. Keep up the great work.

14th Dec 2003, 16:49
thank you