View Full Version : New Platform?

13th Aug 2013, 17:34
Anyone Know if SE are planning an android or ps3 release for this game, I love the game but it's sold out everywhere and I don't wanna get a crapple ipad just so I can get it...

14th Aug 2013, 12:02
$19.99 from Amazon, brand new. Get yours today!

14th Aug 2013, 16:20
I'm English mate, won't play on my 3ds :(

16th Aug 2013, 17:50
How would one play this on a ps3? It requires a touchscreen. Anyway, there is no word of an Android port but I wouldn't count it out.

8th Sep 2013, 14:36
How would one play this on a ps3?

With the playstation eye/ move controller :) they should do a colaboration with disney and make Theatrhythm: kingdom hearts edition