View Full Version : can't detone the bomb

12th Dec 2003, 11:04
it's a newbie for hitman 2, but i should say it rules..

i've a problem on last period of 4th mission which you have to detonate or remote the bomb.I got my agent,killed that general who suffers my agent , blocked electricity and camera system,killed all the soldiers just for boring ,get to the FCK location took the all tools including bomb and remote control. Finally i enter the secret room on the basement 1 to blow the wall up.
I almost tried to arm the bomb thousands of time but when i did it , hint displays that i already armed it. then i get the remote bomb stuff and triggered ,it blows nothing up. Where am i wrong?

in other hand, i get the mini bomb and then drop it with default "g" key then I blow myself up :)

it's really interesting .. i make the all instructions which hint shows as well.I'm getting close enough to the wall not too far , armed the bomb then remote it with my remote bomb stuff.Hitman triggers the detonator but there's only huge nothing that blows up.
Plz help us ,me and my agent were really boring in basement 1. and i dont wanna use any cheat code . playing it for fun.
thanks for now

13th Dec 2003, 19:51
i've finally done it..but i had to replay that chapter.i made the same actions and finally worked out.I dont know if it's a bug or not. but i guess this made matter because of i previoulsy played with detonator and mini bomb. I guess they're only working when you need to use them.If you try to explode the something else before wall then the mini bomb disables itself.There is no any other reasonable thing that i can figure out.