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12th Dec 2003, 06:36
I don't know if any other people have noticed this but on my PS2 version of Timesplitters 2 (I guess it's the same on the other 2) The bots are influenced by what you do.
I was playing a 5 on 5 CTB game with me and nine bots and noticed that two of the bots usually go about their own business but the other three were sort of following me about doing what I did. When I defended they defended, when I attacked they attacked when I stood at the waterfall (Training Ground-Best map ever) they stood there too. Is this because I am human or because I was fraggin' most or what? I wonder if the bots on the other team followed their best (Leader) bot.
If you haven't noticed try it and see. It is a bit subtle they dont follow your exact footsteps but they stay close.

I have noticed that some bots work as a team better that others, they stick together rather than running around alone. Is this contributed to by their stats or what?

12th Dec 2003, 18:38
I get the exact same thing in my capture the bag games. It seems like some of the team was deffending the bag while some followed me and covered me while I ran for the other bag. They were actually giving cover fire! They seemed to work together better, the better star rating they have. I tried a ctb game with one team of 5 star bots, and the other with 1 star. The 5 stars team was well orginised and cordinated, and the 1 star team was all over the place.

13th Dec 2003, 07:32
I like the thought that the bots THINK about what they are doing and not just running randomly. (Like in Flametag/Virus the bots hardly give any thought to where they are running)
Maybe a bit but not much...

13th Dec 2003, 15:12
Yup, but I find they're not always doing what's appropriate ... like when they're behind, they're not aggressive enough going for the bag. On most maps, I play with one 4* teammate against 5-9 5* bots for them to have a chance.

14th Dec 2003, 00:38
I have also noticed that bots do in fact interact with humans in CTB. It seems that some will post themselves in diffirent pisitions and act as sentries while some will help retrive the bag. In CTB the two things you mainly do are guard your bag and steal the other teams.I think the bots are able to reconize what you are doing and help you out.