View Full Version : FM: OB...and I still can't :=(

10th Dec 2003, 23:15
GET IT...how to get upstairs from the Church at the end.!!! I have a walkthru as to how someone did it...but I tried a little last night and DIED! I can't seem to feel the timing for it...they both seem to be equally patroling up and down and stair availibilty is very limited...plus that one nearby at the altar that turns fairly quickly to and fro...yipes! This is very very difficult youse guys :( Then on top of all...you can't really wait once your up near for a next time cause they getcha :eek:

I was just to the far side of double door, just out of lights reach, tried to hurry across when I felt I needed to get closer up as Haunts were getting ready for their shift change (:D) and not only did I get the altar Haunt ticked but got caught by the other two merging paths...eyahhh! And I DON'T have anymore moss arrows (I sadly found out when I brought up my save game from San Diego)...ohhh how could I have ran out when I thought I had at least one left? :( That really hurts, especially when you try to get close to altar and door areas. So I don't know if I'll ever really get to end this Mission? It has been interesting though! :D Ta and Good Hunting!

10th Dec 2003, 23:25
Too bad you're having so much trouble with this mission, cause it is a blast really! I surely enjoyed every minute of it. Can't recall I had any trouble there at the end. The trickiest part is getting past those locked double doors as you say, the light bulb above it lights you up pretty much. The key is to crouch-creep while tapping the walk key. Do this while the nearest haunt is looking away and the two patroling haunts is somewhere else. Crouch over to the other door and wait until the path is clear. As soon as you stand up and start to walk normally you'll light up and at least one of the 3 haunts at the altar will spot you. Necessary to crouch-creep all the way to the stairs therefore in order to make it, don't hurry, a thief is never in hurry. Good luck! Let me know if you make it!

18th Dec 2003, 03:24
Well as far as crouch creeping...yea, you know I do! :D But I actually use my run key with crouch so I can get past more quickly but still hugging wall as much as I can except when crossing door lighted area cause I don't want to be seen as much as possible...so don't want to dally over to the other side either! Once across though, is where I have a problem on where to go to hide as there is not heavy shadow except for a small patch near the piller closest to alter Haunt and he seems to catch me most times or at least gets somewhat alerted and then I can't move due to the patrolling ones getting closer as well...so I get busted either way :( Thanks for the encouragement though and perhaps I'll try again one of these days soon, but for now I'm back in DiabloII/Exp again :D Still trying to get prepared for meeting with Diablo!!! :eek: Ta and Good Hunting!