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10th Dec 2003, 15:45
I thought I would share with you, the people, some of my battle tactics which have helped me to remain undefeated in multi player against human competition. Any players new to the series might find it helpful to read this. If you think you have a winning tactic, let the people know and post it here.:cool:


This is my best and most used tactic. I like to hide in the shadows, and stalk the enemy. I'll attack them when they don't know were I am. Get in, and get out. Shoot, then retreat. I've made people panic and go crazy doing this. They go nuts and loose there concentration. It may take a while to wear them down, but by getting in and out, you save yourself taking damage instead of just standing there and getting shot while shooting at them. They cant hit what they don't see.


Try not to stay still. This makes it a million times harder for your opponent to hit you. I suggest practicing your aim, since it is harder to shot moving things while you are moving as well. Don't ever stand still unless your lining up a good shot.


Get in there head. Make them believe there is no chance of them beating you. Keep talking to them while you play. There confidence will shatter, and you just move in for the kill. I know this one sounds a little crazy, but it really works.

There you go. Those are some of my tricks. (I never give them all out) These moves can be used in pretty much any scenario, and can help you to get the win.

11th Dec 2003, 23:32
I find sitting quietly and smiling to yourself helps aswell...you give off an air of confidence. It scares the opponent.
It's kinda like saying "No matter what you do, i'll always be one step ahead. I'll always have the better gun. And you know it."

12th Dec 2003, 22:37
Very true. Some people have weak minds and are easily manipulated. It's all in the head for some people.:D

16th Dec 2003, 21:20
Doesnt anyone else out there have any tricks they want to share?:confused:

Captin Snow
17th Dec 2003, 01:24
I have a trick. When you have the remote mines simply plant one on a bot or player and wait until they go by another bot or a crowd of bots them set if off. Got myself a Quad Kill doing that.

Those mind tricks really do work, I stand undefeated to this day because of them. They'll go through my games and ask what TS2 is and I'll say something like "Oh don't worry, you don't have a chance.."

17th Dec 2003, 06:28
I havent posted here for a while.
2 things do it for me

1.Harry tipper
seing his suit prvokes my oponent into shooting wildly leading to...
2. Explosives
I think it Explains itself

I also use a lot of tactics listed here but when i stalk death follows!

22nd Dec 2003, 16:31
Sniping and turrets are basicly death omens for everyone.

capt. Forestzombie
23rd Dec 2003, 01:05
I would go with tyrantyoshi. whitch technocly means i do the same thing

capt. Forestzombie
23rd Dec 2003, 13:15
I sertantly do. Try to actually sneek attack the enemy buy cicrcling around them constatly and then run away. comeback about 5 seconds later and and shoot there linin a**. :cool:

26th Dec 2003, 17:07
I feel generouse today, so I'll share another one of my tricks. If someons is chasing you, go around a corner, then turn around and surprise them. If you can hug the wall good enough to have them run right past you, shoot them in the back while you go back around the same corner. They'll turn around and you'll be nowhere to be seen.:cool:

5th Jan 2004, 22:44
Please dont let this slip to the back of the forum!:(

6th Jan 2004, 03:24
memorize the level; know where the health/armor and best weapons are, divise routes that will help you suprise the enemy and keep you relatively safe. don't barrel around corners; peak out before going or if you know ther is someone there shoot a grenade or fling a mine. when an enemy is trying to shoot you strafe in odd paterns all while destroying them. if turrets are a key part in a level don't pick a short character, as they can not see what they are shooting at. this is all that i can think of that isn't already posted, hope it helped.

7th Jan 2004, 17:21
my top 5 tacticts

1. Never look like its hard to kill the enemy

2. know the level! know it better than your own house!

3.take random pot-shots at your opponet to scare them, works best with Sbp 90

4. be as good as you claim to be, use the strafing stick/buttons

5. surprise!! with a rocket!

11th Jan 2004, 03:56
When sniping make sure your against a wall.

11th Jan 2004, 06:00
Originally posted by tyrantyoshi
When sniping make sure your against a wall.

I'm just curious, how does this help you?:confused:

12th Jan 2004, 22:02
Originally posted by DrkSnpr14
I'm just curious, how does this help you?:confused:

People can't shoot you from behind!:D

12th Jan 2004, 23:37
euh, do you guys have radar of and dont you look at your opponents screen? Couse i allways look at my m8s screen so he cant hide.

13th Jan 2004, 04:10
Originally posted by y3nis
euh, do you guys have radar of and dont you look at your opponents screen? Couse i allways look at my m8s screen so he cant hide.

I guess this does work, and is a legitamit stratedgy, but It makes the game more exciting for me. My friends and I play with a code of honour, not to look at the others screen. And besides, half the time were to busy looking at our own screens to notice:D

5th Mar 2004, 04:19
LAN play just might cure that problem though... No more screen peakers would be great!

The Machinist
5th Mar 2004, 20:07
Heres a sneaky tactic...
Build a level on mapmaker - not just any level - a level DSPECIFICALLY designed for your kind of play (like if you are a sniper - build a level where there are a lot of hidey-holes and stuff). Because you built it, you know EXACTLY what the best routes are, and weapons. Just build it to your advantage. Always works!

5th Mar 2004, 20:33
Ah, very ture. That one goes in my 'last resort sneaky underhanded tactics' book. Only because I love a challenge. But yes, you dont want to cross paths with me in my sniping level. :cool:

The Skeletor
6th Mar 2004, 04:44
Oh ya, LAN is the way to go, if you can use i-Link! go for it!!

13th Mar 2004, 07:48
How could you forget in the aztec level to set alight the plants and a)watch them burn and b)shoot them to bits whilst they try to avoid burning!?!

18th Mar 2004, 19:36
For human matches all i have to do is put in a sniper rifle, and i basicly win.:D And to add realism use the handicaps and put them to -5 or Hero(-10). Its more realistic that way. If you put your handicaps to "hero" do the bots have that handicap setting too?:confused:

Sebastian Photon
18th Mar 2004, 21:44
You can only give yourself handycaps so bots can't have him. But you can make yourself super good or super bad! Handycaps are only good for easier kills without one shot and evening to people out. Maybe try giving yourself a +10 or something against bots and it might kill them easier i dunno. But I know a hero dies way easier then a +10 and it takes for ever to kill them they have the life of a Big Tony on HARD.

28th Apr 2004, 15:05
I usually have low scoring games because of that. Most of the time, my friends and I play with +10 health all around. It's just more fun for us I guess. The thrill is in the hunt...:cool:

The Machinist
29th Apr 2004, 17:11
I have a few tactics Ive recently started using against human players. They are:

1] "Lure". This is incredibly sneaky, but people grow wise to it after a while. First of all, grab the remote mines. Then plant them around a selected area in the level. Try to hide them (eg at the sides of doors, on the roof above doors, or in the floor pipes in the industrial mapmaker tile set). Then, REMEMBER where in the map you placed them. Go and find the other player, and then leap infront of them, and tease them. Naturally they follow. Lure them over the mines...and BANG - detonate them!

2] "Hide". This can be equally as irritating. Find the rocket launcher (or equivalent) and hide behind crates or a wall, making sure you're safe from behind, and can just about see over the obsticle infront of you. when you see your opponent (youll need a fairly good aim), pop out and greet them with a triple shot of rockets.

3] "Annoyance". People can get humiliated from this. Just confidently walk up to them (from behind) and use your fists. The players least expect it and fists can cause a lot of damage. Funny thing is, the other player cant really retaliate. Works best with short characters. ;)

4] "pyro-cowardice". Speaks for itself. Run up to the opposition, give them a quick blast with the flamethrower, run away and leave them to burn. Fairly good if youre losing (not that i would know ;) ) as it wont really create exciting gameplay.

Well..thats about it for now....