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10th Dec 2003, 04:36
well, then [sigh]...

i've tried everything i can think to try and i've tried everything everyone else can think to try. maybe i'm just lazier than the rest of you, but ejecting the cd before every loading screen is just a *tad* bit obnoxious. and a bit distracting from the story, which is pretty much my only reason for playing this.

anyways, to get to my point. tap mouse on icon. get to dx:iw menu. load game. load screen. desktop. it's a lovely ballet that, frankly, i'm sick of. i mean, i'm glad that ion storm wants to reach more ppl with their games. i'm glad that they made this game for xbox. what makes me even happier is that i don't own an xbox and i never plan on owning an xbox. dx, i thought, was originally a pc franchise. wouldn't you want to please the series fans first? unfortunately, IS decided to make this game for xbox. and then port it to pc. now, let me make this perfectly clear. personally, i don't really care that it's a port. the interface, i can get used to (though i haven't had any experience with it yet, so i wouldn't know). i can handle unified ammo, though it seems to me to be a bit far-fetched. Hell, i could even handle the fact that they took the skill-system out. what i CAN'T deal with is the fact that i can't play this game. it's broke. bad. deus ex wasn't half this ****ed up. i could at least play the game. it may have crashed while in game, but i could at least PLAY it.

i personally feel alienated. ion storm has alienated all the series fans by making the pc version of the sequel a port (and a crappy one at that) of an xbox game. hopefully, this is not becoming a trend, but with another recent shoddy xbox port in mind ([cough] KOTOR [cough]), i'm not very optimistic in this regard.

so, ion storm, even though i'm not very happy with you right now, i still want to play the damn game....


thank you for you time...