View Full Version : Dev Comments in Default File

Mr. Hankey
10th Dec 2003, 02:17
Has anyone else noticed that in the default file there are comments in the coding to suggest ways to alter the game? This is probably how other people are tweaking it, but I was just wondering why the devs didn't change them in the first place if they knew that they would be helpful to implement. Things like CacheSizeMegs and the hud size are both commented with suggestions. This might help people who are looking through the file trying to tweak stuff.

Just stating the overtly obvious, which I seem to be doing a dang good job of by the way.


10th Dec 2003, 02:55
probably has something to do with the fact that on a system of minimum requirements are these settings detrimental? (like CacheSize)...

But you are correct that their Setup options are sorely lacking in teh ability to set the values you want for your given machine..